Flynn’s Treasure

“It’s not the treasure at the end of the hunt that makes the adventurer rich. It’s the journey to reach it that brightens his or her memories forever!”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #113 — The picture above.
Word of the Day Challenge — Hectic
Pensitivity’s three things challenge – Abide – Inch – Leaf
Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Wordle — Ecstatic, Seashell, Odour, Arms, Motion, Gristle, Upward, Convulse, Perspire, Buttons, Loner, Crevice

Flynn’s Treasure

‘It lies beneath peaks three

By seashell and sea

Upon one of two

My treasure awaits you.’

“This has to be the place! Those are the three mountain peaks,” Tammy said ecstatic with the discovery. She indicated the purple-hued mountains rising into clouds turned golden by the majestic sunrise. There were multiple peaks in the range all hiding the celestial orb. Just three stood high and dominant above the water.

“Okay,” Nia nodded with sparkly eyes. “The next line. That beach over there is full of seashells. This is the sea.”

“Sure is,” Benny smiled from his position at the tiller. Nia and Tammy were his best friends. He’d been a loner until the love for adventure had brought him and the girls close. There was little wind and he was enjoying the gentle motion of the boat on the glassy calm waters.

“Line three. ‘One of two’ has to be these islands. There’s only two and I bet we need the bigger one.” Nia pointed and arm to a pair of barren rock islands a few hundred yards offshore

“I agree.” Tammy squeezed Benny’s knee. “Can you get alongside the large island?”

“Aye, course I can, Captain Tam!” Benny began to abide by the request. Adjusting his tiller to a new course. “Tacking, watch your heads, ladies.”

Nia and Tammy both ducked the yacht’s boom as they helped balance the vessel. The manoeuvre always left the girls giggling as they fought to stay aboard.

“Tack complete.” Nia wiped her forehead. She was already beginning to perspire and the sun was barely up. The move caused the orangey light to glint upon an oak leaf pendant at her chest. A gift from Benny on her birthday.   

Benny fell silent as he focused on the prow. Steering by the inch as he brought it alongside the island. “We can’t tie up or anchor here. It’s too dangerous; we’ll risk losing the boat.”

“But we need to go on the island to search,” Tammy said.

“You girls jump off. I’ll stay aboard keep the yacht safe,” Benny winked at Nia. “Bring yourself and some treasure back soon, okay.”

“We will.” Nia returned a smile as she grabbed onto a spire of basalt beneath the grey-brown rocky wall of the island. “Go, Tammy. I’ve got us steady.”

Tammy undid the buttons of her shirt and discarded it. Adjusting her skimpy vest, she took a breath and leapt up onto the rocks. Leaning down, she hauled Nia upward until she was crouched beside her.

“Well done, girls. I’ll move away a little bit. Good luck with the search!” Benny saluted.

Nia blew him a kiss. “Come on, Tammy. Let’s start up there,” she said while adjusting the white hairband in her auburn hair.

“You’re smitten!” Tammy poked her friend in the belly as they rose and picked their way over the windswept rock. Riddled with cracks and gullies, the search would be a difficult one.

“Maybe.” Nia blushed. Reaching the highest point of the island, she placed a hand above her eyes and turned a slow circle. The island was small enough to fit comfortably within a football pitch.

“Come on! I hear the affection in your words when you speak to him,” Tammy teased. “You’d rather be in bed with him right now instead of on this island – wouldn’t you?”

“There’s another yacht out there. It’s coming towards us.”

“Hey! No changing the subject.” Tammy dropped to her knees by a crevice and began to dig around inside.

“Okay, I admit it. Rolling around beneath the sheets with him would be wonderful.” Nia joined her friend. “Ugh, especially as it stinks on this rock, right now!”

Tammy began to sing, “Nia and Benny sitting in a —”

“Hey! I never teased you when you were laying on the bar with Carlo the other night.” Nia found a few seashells including a stunning conch. Moving on towards the seaward side of the island, she noticed the stench rising.

“Hmm, Carlo’s dreamy.” Tammy became unfocused remembering that night.

“I found the source of the smell.” Nia held up the remains of the stingray. Only the Cartilaginous gristle of the head, spine and wings and the lethal barbed tail remained.

“Gross!” Tammy wrinkled her nose. “Thanks for ruining my daydream!”

 “Oh, well!” Nia caught a glint in another crevice and smiled. “You’ll be able to get the real thing again later, don’t —”

A gunshot split the tranquillity. Every seagull within two hundred yards took flight, squawking angrily.

Both girls screamed in fright.

“Benny, NO!” Nia had looked toward their boat. She saw him snap back and convulse as he fell overboard.

The second yacht has drawn close to the island now. Two men stood on deck. One controlling the vessel. The other aiming a rifle at the island. “Ahoy, girls. I know you came after Pirate Captain Flynn’s treasure. You will hand it over or you’ll both die!”

Recognising the tanned man with his long black hair and gun, Tammy stiffened with rage. “Carlo, you double-crossing bastard! You used me to steal from my friends. I hate you!”

“Haha! Feelings mutual.” Carlo wiped the smile from his face, “Now, hand it over!”

Nia had been overcome at seeing Benny fall into the water. Now, she rose with tears glistening on her cheeks and ire burning in her eyes. “There’s nothing here but this you murdering, scumbag!” she hurled the stingray. The foetid remains slapped down at the man’s feet.

“Don’t lie to me!” Carlo warned as he made a show of cocking the rifle.

“I’m a good girl. I tell no lies.” Nia rolled her hips, “Why don’t you come up and see for yourself?”  

“Hmm, me and two hotties on an island all alone. That’s too tempting to resist. Get me in close, Vincenzo.”

“You got it, boss.” said the man at the tiller.

Tammy huddled close to Nia watching Carlo jump onto the island.

He mantled his way up the rocks towards them. Looking about he nodded. “Yes, we can have some fun here once I’ve got the treasure.”  

Nia stayed stock still. “You lay one finger on us and —”

“And what you’ll slap me?” Carlo’s laughed, “Hear that, Vincenzo. She’s going to slap me!”

The only answer was a loud splash.

All eyes flicked toward Carlo’s boat. Vincenzo was gone.

“Hey, Vinnie! Stop mucking about and get back on the boat!” Carlos yelled although his expression had changed to one of fear.

Nia on the other hand was smiling. “Oops, looks like he might drown.”

Carlo’s nose wrinkled with fury. He swung a fist at her face and gaped.

Tammy caught his wrist. “How dare you try to hit my friend!”

“I’ll kill you —”

A leg slammed into his stomach. Nia kicked him as hard as she could.

Gasping, Carlo stumbled backwards into another figure.

Benny stood there naked aside from his shorts. Water traced the lines of his muscles as it dripped into a pool at his feet. “Good morning, Carlos,” he said as he spun and decked him with a stiff uppercut.

“Benny, you’re alive!” Nia hugged him fresh tears streaming down her cheeks.

“I’m fine, sweetheart. He shot the mast. I faked being hit so I could sneak underwater and ensure he couldn’t hurt you two.” he kissed her for a moment, then brought Tammy into the hug.

“Thank you,” Tammy said enjoying the moment.

“My pleasure. I love you, girls.”

Carlo was stirring, swearing like a drunk.

Benny delivered another kick to keep him quiet. “No treasure, then?”

“Only a small bit.” Nia grinned as she returned to the crevice close to where the stingray had been. She could tell this opening used to be overhung by rock. Erosion and storm damage had torn the roof away; leaving the corner of the small chest exposed to the elements. A silver detail sparkling in the sun had revealed it to her moments before Carlo struck.

 “The hectic end to our adventure is near.” Benny helped her extract the chest. He made use of a rock to break the lock off. “All yours,” he said turning it to face Nia.

She smiled at her friends.

Tammy nodded, “Go on, you found it.”

Nia wasn’t one to stand on ceremony. She threw the chest open and burst out laughing. The chest contained exactly three Spanish gold coins. Inscribed in the lid were the words. “Sorry, I spent it at the tavern in Jamaica.”

“Oh, well. At least we got something.” Tammy said.

“Awargh me hearties. We be getting enough for a round at the bar. I be getting to drink with the best wenches in town too. Haha!” Benny said in his best pirate accent.

Nia narrowed her eyes at him. “Or you can spend the night in hospital with a broken nose if you call me a wench again!” She and Tammy burst into fits of giggles. Mirth that would last as they swam back to their boat at the end of a wonderful adventure.

The End

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