Short Stories 3

Page two of my short stories is rather full. Continue on down for a new selection of ever increasing tales. You find, adventure, drama, fights, horrors, comedy and so much. Click some links for a read and Have fun!

Reborn the Witches

The Biggest Secret

Consult of Statues

Birth of Karrion

Gold Fall

Assassination Games

Alpha Draconis Warning

Interview Intervention

Rachel’s Reward

Conference Earth

Living Shadows

Deadly Diversion

Lakeside Showdown

The Recovery Man

The Divine Owl

Search for Xylan

Catastrophe Cliffs

Fishing for Lobster

Rise of Karrion

Oracle Train

Nature’s Guardian

The Note

Secret Ingredient

Andy’s Accounts

Patience of a Saint

An Adventurous Lunch

A Near-Perfect Morning

Death by Chilli

The Human Hunter

Fire on the Farm

Abandoned in the Woods

Desert Aliens

Flynn’s Treasure

Cheating the Cake

Raven Thrall

Eternal Service

Mystery Transport

Issues With Exhibits

Future Baby

Writer’s Life

Poetry of Love

Mystery Eggs

The Gift of Giving

To Mars – or Not

Clues to the Cache

Thieving Rat

Sunflower of Hope

The Avalanche

Battle of Fortress Woods

Miller’s End

A Great Escape

A Stormy Date

Serenity’s Symphony

Lake of Fire

Grandmother’s Last Gift

Scarab at large

Me, My Demon and a Date

Mara’s Reaping

Suspect Transport

Night of Delirium

Bad Luck, Good Luck, Whatever

That’s it for now. Don’t forget there are a ton more stories for your enjoyment in the Short Stories & Short Stories 2 tabs. Thanks for joining me and reading my stories, my friends.

All stories, copyrighted to Mason Bushell ©2020- 2021.
Do not distributed any or part of them without seeking prior permission.

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