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The Jinn

Meet the Jinn.

At just five-inches tall, he’s a demon with attitude, and he is fed-up with people summoning him through his talisman. With sass and cheek aplenty, he wanders grumpily through a saga of adventures. He meets learner drivers, babies, and zoo creatures, to name but a few, each in need of his special brand of help.

In this book of laughs the Jinn meets lively list of characters all needing his help:

A schoolgirl with bully issues needs a little help. The little red man might be more than she bargained for.

Oh how the Jinn wishes he wasn’t summoned by this dog at barbecue time!

A mob boss with murder on his mind. Maybe the Jinn will help him – maybe he wont.

A hapless magician, meets a real magical being. This should be fun!

Oh no! A baby! If the Jinn thought the dog was bad – He ain’t seen nothing yet!

The Jinn finds himself in the zoo. Yup this one’s got animal calamity written all over it!

Learning to drive is terrifying! And not just for the learner. Watch out, Jinn!

Halloween the one night of the year when a demon can relax and let humans be the demons. Not if his missus has anything to say about it!

The Jinn meets my special sleuth. No mystery, she realises her series wont get published. So, she decided to cameo with out Jinn instead.

A heart-warming tale of a real person in need and his brush with the cheeky Jinn.

The Jinn is not the only demon on Earth. Protect your computers folks – Marlin’s about!

What to know what happens in those crazy capers? Why not head to amazon and get your copy of The Jinn now:

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