Mason, Holly and Team Workhouse, welcome you to the Workhouse Website. A place filled with fantastic food, delectable drinks, super service and a seasoning of crime, mystery and intrigue.

Beyond the Workhouse look around to discover The Jinn, a five inch tall genie summoned into calamity on a regular basis. Also discover my Short Stories, Poetry, Recipes and much more. Welcome my friends!

About The Workhouse Restaurant Mysteries

The Workhouse Restaurant is a two story peak roofed restaurant. It is built on the site of a much older workhouse for the poor dating back to 1675. It is built of modern wood and glass design with a balcony seating area on the second floor. Boasting excellent views up and down the high street and of course the magnificent square Norman castle on the mound above it. The restaurant was opened in 1999 and is run by thirty six year old Carrie Ward and her wonderful Team Workhouse.

Holly Ward

Carrie’s daughter is eighteen year old Holly Ward. She works as the Head waitress in the restaurant and loves her role. With her father forced to leave over alcohol abuse when she was three, Holly has grown up in the restaurant. Of course her mother being the owner has to spend most of her time there with her family like team. Holly learned and loved to cook with Chef Timothy O’Brian from an early age. When not there Holly grew up in great company, first was with Congolian flair Mixologist and barman Masego Ndiye. The two were quickly like father and daughter as he baby sat and picked her up from school. During those times he schooled her in the language of Swahili and French while helping her excel with her school work. Her most intriguing teachings and the inception of her saga came of course from her doting grandfather Detective Chief Inspector Derek Ward. On first sight at her birth he proclaimed her a treasure and has called her just that ever since. Every chance he got Derek nurtured her senses and mind with cryptic games, puzzles and exercises. He would hide presents for her and give her coded puzzles to solve to find them. Story time was his chance to tell her about his cases and teach her how he solved them. At age six he bought her he first Hitsumi-Bako puzzle box after she somehow opened one on a car boot sale. By age eight she could decipher
codes such as substation, pigpen and Playfair ciphers. Not long after she turned nine she and her granddad created the Ward Pigpen Cipher, one he still uses today to ensure his notebook cannot be read by anybody but he and Holly. It’s no wonder then that Holly grew up with great grades, an eye for a mystery and a knack of solving things. Of course even her doting grandfather never realised just how invaluable all his and Masego’s teachings would prove to be.

Just after her eighteenth birthday Holly would come across The Depressed Man drinking in the Workhouse. That one man would led her into the real danger of bank robbery, kidnap and ransom for the first time.

There after Holly was destined to become a magnet for crime and mystery in The Workhouse Restaurant Mysteries.

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