Short Stories 2

Page one of my short stories is rather full. Continue on down for a new selection of ever increasing tales. You find, adventure, drama, fights, horrors, comedy and so much. Have fun!

Bomb at the Beach

Blanket Escape

A Fruity Calamity

Roaming the Peaks Forevermore

Despondent, Worthless and Hidden

Demon in the Library

Drunken Verbal’s

The Schoolboy Martyr

Wendy’s Little Miracles

Jungle Edifice

Too Much Tea, Coffee and Cocoa

The Delinquent Waitress

Street-race for Life

Uncanny Wax

Honestly Deceiving

The Wanderer Followed

To Vanquish or not to Vanquish?

Clear as Tonic Water

Ancient Conundrum

Lonely and Loved

Awakened by a Proboscis

Cordial Spirit’s and a Bit of Whining

Wilderness Abduction

Literary Legacy

To Classify Homicide

Kitchen Catastrophe

Steph and Dillion’s Urbex Shadow Explorations

Kindling Gratefulness

The Miracle of Creation

Niles’ Sting

The Deer’s Revenge

Plum Perfect

The Great Gold Robbery

Edna’s Intruder

The Arabesque Carpet

Acid Apple

Honest Sovereigns

Bad Day at the Office

The Cursed Cabin

Castle Assault

Cycle Warrior

Tennis Torment

A Father’s Vow

Hunters Instinct

Dale and the Drug Dealer

A Nerd’s Night Out

Goose in Grief

A Magical Token of Friendship

A Chance Encounter with Love

Innocence on Trial

A Realtor’s Lies

A Penalty Sting in the Tale.

Mad Science


Equality Raid

Phantom Hospital

Night of the Drowning

Tobias VS the Volcano

Finella’s Fantabulous Fable

Ecstasy of the Spirit

Cusco or Death

Draconian Devil

Omnilegent yet Moronic

Anxious B-Baking

Down the Drain – A Detective Shelly Hobbs Story

Tidal Storm

Engine Failure

Pauly’s Plight

The Sun-tanned Raven

Shattered Serenity

Honesty Run

A Dark Past Reignited

Oxygen Deprivation

The Demon’s Plaything

Manager From Hell

The Serenity Cell

Help the Haunted

Crazy Driving

Dinner and Disappearance

The Incense Mutiny

Help Desk SOS

Art Attack

The Hit-Guy

Bullying Breakpoint

The Honeyfuggler

The Secret in the Forest

A Fall Into Fantasy

Gallop to the Rescue

Flora’s Spotlight


A Skunky Abduction

Callisto’s Celestial Plan

Terrorist-Grade Mall-Rats

Cellar of Sorrows

The Demon’s Sacrifices

A Fateful Intervention

Lifeless But Not Soulless

A Tangle with Tinsel

Tinsel in the Laundry


Welcome to Mistle’s

Kindred Crash-landing

Zandor’s Hellhouse

Merry Malfunction

Rapscallion’s Genius

Serendipity Mews

Lionized and Enchanted

Xylan the Guardian

Moth Man

Merry Christmas, Tinley

Victim of Success

Cupid’s Blessing

Mystery Chamber

Lucky’s Intruder

Quentin’s Oak

A New year’s Wish

Return to Mystery Chamber

Theatrical Justice

Bigfoot of Bluff Creek

Gold or Die!

Hartley’s Fantasy

Ben’s Birds

The Old Man in the Park

Nobody’s Mistress

Mystery Leg

Sailing Sweethearts

Improper Sorcery

Critical Review

Nightmare Adventure

Guardian of the Hills

Satan’s Mirror

Virtue or Vice

True Treasures

Blood and Oil

Artefacts of Abduction

Curse of the Bermuda Triangle

Battle of the Caves

The Wizard in the Wardrobe

Slinky Murdered

The Wizard in the Wardrobe

Nanny Bluebell

Falling in Love

Brambling Lamb

Monster in the Hollow

That’s it for now. Don’t forget there are a ton more stories for your enjoyment in the other Short Stories tab. Thanks for joining me and reading my stories, my friends.

All stories, copyrighted to Mason Bushell ©2020- 2021.
Do not distributed any or part of them without seeking prior permission.

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