Mason Want’s to Know

This is your chance to participate in something I hope will be fun. Each Monday I’ll prompt you with a question. All you need to do is create a post on your website/blog that answers or is inspired by the question.

How this works.

1. I ask the question.
2. You create your post. this can be a story/poem/article/art and photography post. Make it anything that answers or is inspired by the question – I don’t mind. This could even be a chance to introduce a character and have them answer the question.
3. Place the address of this post into your post either directly or as a hyperlink. This will create a pingback so your post is shared here. Alternatively drop your link in the comments.
4. Use the #MasonsQuestions in the tags
5. Come back and read some of the participants posts. I know there will be some great ones!
6. You’re done! Get excited for next week.

This weeks question:
‘What is your favourite animal?

My Answer:
I’m a naturalist at heart so I love all creatures. However, thanks to Lucy Dog here. Dogs are my favourite.

That’s it. I’m looking forward to reading your responses. Remember to have fun my friends!

17 thoughts on “Mason Want’s to Know

Add yours

    1. Hello, Susan.
      No worries on the late reply. With so many blog posts from everybody its almost impossible to keep up.

      The crow is a very good answer. These are very intelligent, thoughtful and intriguing birds. Thanks for joining in!


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