Short Stories.

Welcome to the repository of short stories by Mason Bushell. All lovingly written and posted for you to enjoy. Each title is a link to the story. Click away and see where you end up!

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The House

Fire of Vengeance

Writing Rules

For Nature

Hunter Hunted

Anniversary Key

Misty Morning

Molly’s Music


Love Story

No Fighting

Freedom Fighter

Hallucinogenic Issues

Drinks Tonight

Bus Ride Announcement

End of the Beginning

Mushroom Malady

Warrior Waitress

The Flight of the Clairsentient

Continue on to enjoy stories composed in 2020. Enjoy!

Extraction by Sunrise.

Ghost trapped

Presence in the Pasture

An Unusual Case

The Advent of the Clairsentient

Katia’s Ordeal

Message in a bottle

The Runner

The Valiant Violinist

Being at the Bench

Jessie’s Dolphin

The Hollow Ballerina

The Orion Coordinates

Deadly Pursuit

A Real Fight For Life

What Matters Most

The Smokejumper’s Miracle

A Rain-soaked Scream

Grandiloquence Stolen

Delinquent Juggernaut

When Love is Lost

Jessie’s Escapade

Grandfather’s Last Wish

A Contentious Relief

Fenella’s Island

Murder in the Menagerie

Heron’s Formula

Admiration to Infatuation

An Inevitable Intrusion

The Derelict In Your Neighbourhood

The Builder and the Labrador

The Key to Life

Paranormal Museum

Holly and I hope you enjoyed our collection of stories. That’s it for this page of delightful tales. Head over to Short Stories 2 for another selection of tales.

All stories, copyrighted to Mason Bushell ©2020.
Do not distributed any or part of them without seeking prior permission.

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  1. I had been doing a book review of The Best of Cafe Lit 9. Was amazed by your story, ‘Heart-shaped Carving in the Old Oak Tree’. Be it the nature descriptions or the message, the story had it all. You also have a lovely blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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