Poetry Corner.

This a collection of some of my more poetic pieces. Hope you enjoy them.

The Power of Words

Writers live and breathe the words they use

Manipulated and woven they create a special muse

Brought together and then read as one

Words create magic, energy as strong as the sun

Just choose a book and the magic will come

Read a horrific chiller that makes you go as cold as ice

An adventure, a romance that warms you with spice

Find a drama, a sci-fi saga that takes you back in time

Maybe a mystery to make you think, who did the crime

Books are filled with magic places, created from simple words

What else but words have the power to give all emotion

 They make you mad, make you happy, cause a commotion

Some will make you laugh out loud behind your hand

Oh damn, that should have been shorthand

Yes, words will make you fall in love or seek revenge.

Politician’s use words, only to tell a lie

Writer’s use them like pretty wings to fly

Barristers use words to help clients go free

Wizards use words to create the miracles you see

So you see there’s no end to the power of words

My magic words created my sleuth Holly

She’ll make you laugh and smile while catching a wally

Words make characters burst into wonderful life

They draw us in as they go through happiness and strife

When the tale is done, words make you long for another one

Anyone can wield words like a lord

A pen really is mightier than a sword

Go ahead write a poem or story

Share it with the word, claim you glory

For that, ladies and gentleman is the power of words

Meteoric Panspermia.

The meteor fell, with it mammals came.

The dinosaurs died, it was our turn to grow.

They said it was evolution, Darwin was to blame

It was panspermia that caused life to flow.

From space we came, on a rock like ship

DNA strands, a primordial soup of genes.

Into the sea it went, humans began their genetic trip. 

Hairy to hairless, Caveman to modern human bean.

Now the meteor brings fresh bones into play

Fresh DNA from an alien planet far away,

Will they be friends to earth or are we the prey.

Maybe were doomed or are we entering new day

Don’t you see the aliens are not out there

We are they and we are right here 

Why I Write

Morning, noon and night, I love to write

Come, I’ll show why I put pen to pages, once white 

It begins with my characters, talking in my head

They’re with me in the morning, in my dreams when I go to bed

You see, I have great imagination, I’m not mad 

In fact my characters make me smile, make me glad

The wonderful tales they tell, excite me, give me a thrill

So of to my desk I go, with a whim and a will

A plan I make, my characters’ story starts to grow

Into their world I go, for it is their life I must show

Vicariously I live through the eyes of my muses

They make me laugh, cry and mad- the ones with short fuses

My fingers move fast weaving words into magic tales

My mind moves faster, putting life into exhilarating sales

I get energised, invigorated by the stories I write

Mystery, romance, adventure and fantasies fill a page, once white

You see, while you dream of meeting that special one

I’ve already met my one, shared love and had fun

I know you long for a big adventure, now and then

I have adventures every time I pick up my pen

My friends are my characters in a world where I have few

They don’t judge me, don’t mock me like real people do

That’s why you live one life, while I live at least three

Welcome to my world, that’s why I write you see

Pretty Birds.

I see pretty birds sitting in a tree

Up there, looking down on me

There they sit, twittering on high

From branch to branch they fly

I see bright colours of many a feather

The more birds I see on better weather.

Some have sharp talons, others beady eyes.

They eat nuts and seed, while others catch flies.

A forest is sad without beautiful birds

Just like empty fields without herds

Its lifeless, barren and just so sad

when you see the birds, smile and be glad.


Holly is a sleuth, break the law, then you’ll see

Oh criminals beware, she’s coming for you

Loves her footballer, friends and family dear

Lily’s make her sneeze through allergies

Yes, those icy blue eyes, x-ray for clues

Workhouse head waitress, a job she adores

A smile, great food and service, she guarantees

Ready to jump into her Mini to save the day

Do you want meet her, she’d love to meet you

UK-USA English

I love the difference in UK/US English

Pants- that’s trousers- no I mean undies

Aubergine- eggplant- eggs don’t grow on trees

I love Autumn- Yes you can’t beat the Fall

Rugby is cool- isn’t that American Football

I’m going on the underground- I’ll take the subway

Use your indicators- I will but its blinkers okay

Here’s the postman- don’t you mean mailman

Lorry- truck at least we both use van

For us it’s the Plough- we say the Big Dip

Want a bag of crisps- hmm I love a potato chip

Nice trainers you’ve got there- no these are sneakers

 Oh, it’s an eraser,  don’t ask for a rubber on the loud speakers

Writer’s Block.

I always leave a sentence on a blank page
A sentence below the chapter start
When I return, it’s there like a wise sage
Good or bad line, it plays its part
It gets my thoughts going, like a ticking clock
The words soon flow, and away I go
That one sentence beats Writers Block.


Why are spiders so damned scary

I know, they have eight wiggly legs

No, maybe it’s because they’re hairy

Did you know they lay tiny eggs

Nothing’s freakier than eight beady eyes

A face full of silky web, will make you scream

 A spider’s your friend, it catches nasty flies

And yet it makes a nightmare of any dream

There are forty thousand different kinds

Not all are deadly, yet they all have fangs,

They live everywhere, from forests to coastlines

Tarantulas are the largest, of all the spider gangs

A Spiders is an arachnid, that’s not an insect

They drink their food, never eating like we do

They don’t have antennae, utilizing hairs to detect

You know, mites, ticks, and scorpions are arachnids too

I find it Funny how a little beasty, causes so much strife

Don’t squash them, they deserve to live in the world too

So that’s all you need to know about a spider’s life

Still an arachnophobe? Antarctica’s the place for you

Hope you enjoyed my selection of cheery poems. Come back often, for more may appear at any time.

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