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Poetry Corner.

Welcome to the Poetry Corner. Pull up a chair and your favourite beverage and enjoy some of my original poetry

The Power of Words

Meteoric Panspermia.

Why I Write

Pretty Birds.

I see pretty birds sitting in a tree

Up there, looking down on me

There they sit, twittering on high

From branch to branch they fly

I see bright colours of many a feather

The more birds I see on better weather.

Some have sharp talons, others beady eyes.

They eat nuts and seed, while others catch flies.

A forest is sad without beautiful birds

Just like empty fields without herds

Its lifeless, barren and just so sad

when you see the birds, smile and be glad.


Holly is a sleuth, break the law, then you’ll see

Oh criminals beware, she’s coming for you

Loves her footballer, friends and family dear

Lily’s make her sneeze through allergies

Yes, those icy blue eyes, x-ray for clues

Workhouse head waitress, a job she adores

A smile, great food and service, she guarantees

Ready to jump into her Mini to save the day

Do you want meet her, she’d love to meet you

UK-USA English

I love the difference in UK/US English

Pants- that’s trousers- no I mean undies

Aubergine- eggplant- eggs don’t grow on trees

I love Autumn- Yes you can’t beat the Fall

Rugby is cool- isn’t that American Football

I’m going on the underground- I’ll take the subway

Use your indicators- I will but its blinkers okay

Here’s the postman- don’t you mean mailman

Lorry- truck at least we both use van

For us it’s the Plough- we say the Big Dip

Want a bag of crisps- hmm I love a potato chip

Nice trainers you’ve got there- no these are sneakers

 Oh, it’s an eraser,  don’t ask for a rubber on the loud speakers

Writer’s Block.

I always leave a sentence on a blank page
A sentence below the chapter start
When I return, it’s there like a wise sage
Good or bad line, it plays its part
It gets my thoughts going, like a ticking clock
The words soon flow, and away I go
That one sentence beats Writers Block.


Monkey Tree

Stop, look and you will see
A little brown monkey in the tree
He’s the colour of the tree bark
And yet the cutest little lark
Bet he’d like a banana to eat
Maybe he’s come to tickle your feet

Now put that horrendous chainsaw away
Let him know his precious home is okay
The forest and trees are nature’s place
Extinction will come is the we chose to erase
This magical place monkey calls home
So, leave him be like a happy little gnome

Stop, look and you will see
A little brown monkey in the tree
You see, he’s not a bad creature
Being cheeky is his best feature
He simply came down to be your friend
Watch out! He’ll steal a banana before the end

Fear and Phobia

What is something you fear the most?
A spider, darkness, needles or a creepy ghost

Ophidiophobic – snakes – venom, fangs but no slime
Dendrophobia – trees – which? Oak birch or lime

Spectrophobia – creepy mirrors – that’s one of mine
Entomophobia – tiny insects? Come on, you’ll be fine

Pogonophobia – fear of beards – I better shave!
Sexophobia! What? Seriously its real! Oh, do behave!

Triskaidekaphobia – thirteen – unlucky for some
Melissophobia – bees – they are scary when they hum

Acrophobia – heights – better not catch a plane
Aerophobia – yup planes – I’m not yanking your chain

Bibliophobia – books – any excuse to get out of reading
Haemophobia – blood – sure nobody likes bleeding

Nomophobia – no phone signal – oh the horror
Agoraphobia – open spaces – you’ll never be an explorer

Ornithophobia – birds – that’ll be Stephen Kings fault
Claustrophobia – tight spaces – don’t get stuck in a vault

There are hundreds of phobias a person can suffer
Weird or understandable a phobia can make life rougher

Face whatever scare you the most – head on
Fight and beat it and your phobia will be gone

So, what is something you fear the most?
Bats, fires, clowns or is it still the creepy ghost.

Oh, Joy!

Harvest Time

Fred the Drunk

Tricolour Mac ‘N’ Cheese

Work Longer

Power of Description

Reminded or Remembered


A Soupçon of Poetry

A Moment’s Pause.

One Dark night

A Tittynope of a Hope

Creature of Bad Habit

A New Connection

A Conniption Fit

The Best Season

The Reaction

A Story by the Parts.

Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow

Being Eclectic

Stop! Pocket Search!

Packing The Case

A New Beginning

Cruciality of Success

I Am A Writer!

Drunken Davy

First Date

My Worldly Friends

Mason’s Message

The Art of Recycling

I Am Strong

Weather Grumble

Painful Lessons

Insomnia Nights


The Woolly Dog

Cave of Discovery

The Sparrow

Towering Love

Greatest Daredevil

The Act of Mollynogging

Apple Stanzas

Repaired and Ready

Dog to English

Disassociated Life

The Greatest Show-bird

Safe and Sober

Serendipity Strikes

Calm Before the Storm

Passage of Love

Fighting Fate

True Gifts

Accidental Slapstick

Punctuation Allergy

Butterfly: Jewel of the Sky

Resolute Minds

Drinking too much!

Jinxed by Calleigh

Just Carry On

Lucy Dog

Scammer’s Beware

Fashion Statement

Lewis the Lunatic

Writer inspired

Myriad of Possibilities

Nature of Emotion

Paul the Postman

Changing Times

Hope you enjoyed my selection of cheery poems. Head over to the Poetry Nook for even more poetry.

All poems Copyright Mason Bushell 2021

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