Linley’s X-file

“I loved the X-files. I love investigating all realms of paranormal and supernatural. The last few days have been rife with reports of US government declassifying UFO videos and branding them genuine. Why? are they about to admit aliens exist because they can’t hide them anymore. Or is something else taking place? Either way todays picture prompt was perfect for a UFO encounter.”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie– Photo challenge — The picture above by  –  world.shooters on Instagram
Word of the Day Challenge — Scurrilous
Ragtag Daily Prompt — Liars
Your Daily Word Prompt — Utmost

Linley’s X-file

A village of people branded scurrilous liars. One volcano at the centre of attention. A nightly sky full of proof. Yet the police department called those who reported UFOs and abductions crazy.

Linley was done with the obvious coverups. Casting her eyes to the darkening sky, she focused on the lifeless, leaden crags of the volcano with a desire to discover the truth. A yearning to know burning deep within her soul. The utmost jagged peaks were coated in ash from historic eruptions. An unforgiving, almost Martian landscape of inhospitable grey rock.

“Why are you a magnet for beings from other planets?” Linley mused as she raised her collar against the cold and continued to ascend the ridgeline she was following. “Come on, Jess!” she whistled and smiled as her faithful Rhodesian Ridgeback dog bounding towards her. The dog’s red wheaten coat shone as she leapt over the rocky ground with ease.

Linley had chosen the ridge as the easiest route to reach the volcano. She wanted to be there when the UFOs appeared tonight. She had night-vision goggles and a matching camera along with a thermal imaging camera. If they came tonight, she would capture them.

In the valley below the lights of the village had begun blinking on. They created a picturesque view. Above the brightest stars were already appearing in the indigo sky.  

Linley picked up her pace and was soon in the ash layers. Her altimeter registered 4000 feet. The volcano dominated the vista directly across from her.  This was the perfect vantage point level with the crater and its fang-like pinnacles of jagged rock. “Now we wait, Jess.”

“Wruff!” Replied the dog, sitting and giving her paw.

“Good, girl.” Linley shook it and fondled the dog’s soft ears. “Look and listen. Tell me if you see anything strange.”

“Wruff!” Jess replied as she focused on the volcano.

Linley set up a tripod and attached her night vision camera. She’d just switched it on when her phone began to ring. “Hey, it’s Linley speaking. Can I help?”

“Hello, Linley. This is police chief Wiley Fletcher speaking.”

Linley knew and hated the man. She reported several UFO sightings to him. Each time he branded her a liar and told her to stop attention-seeking. “Hello, Chief. Decided to believe my scurrilous stories and investigate, have you?”

“I’m sorry, Linley.” The chief sounded grave. “I know you went up the mountain looking for evidence. I must ask you to come down straight away.”

“Why? Are you afraid I might get irrefutable evidence tonight?”

“You don’t understand. The mountain is off-limits. I will have to arrest you for trespassing didn’t come down, right now.”

 Linley could tell the chief wasn’t kidding. She felt he sounded afraid too. “The volcano is within a national park. Anyone can come here legally. I don’t —”

“Wruff!” Jess went from sitting to standing in a heartbeat. She began pouring the air as if pointing to a pinnacle just below the crater.

“I don’t understand what’s going on, chief. Unknown entities are clearly forcing you to hide the truth. Well, it hides no longer. I’m …”

“Linley, please. You don’t understand. You’re going to disappear if you keep doing this. Come down. Come down, now. I beg you!”

A red dot appeared on the pinnacle. It was as if somebody had switched on the laser sight of a high-powered rifle.

Linley trained her camera upon it. In the normal, low light, it was clear to see. In the night vision, it vanished. The thermal imager showed the dot to be much hotter than the surrounding rock. “I see something, Chief. Let me get the evidence. I can use it to free you and the whole village.”

“No, Linley. Come …”

“Wruff!” Jess flinched as static electricity filled the air.

Linley’s phone went dead. She barely noticed it in her hand. Her focus was on the red dot. It was spinning faster and faster around the pinnacle. The light elongated until it formed a complete red hoop hovering in the darkening sky. “This is incredible, Jess!”

The dog began to growl. She disliked the ominous energy exuding from the volcano.

Linley got all the cameras focused. Watching, waiting for what would happen next. She could barely breathe as the hoop began to oscillate.

Above her, a brilliant white orb appeared. Then another. From all directions, they flashed into existence and moved rapidly across the sky.

Linley grabbed her Gopro and began to film them. “I’m seeing five no seven orbs in the sky. Myself and the villagers have seen him every night for two weeks. Records show events like this happen every twenty to thirty years. These are not meteors. They are not stars or satellites as they are clearly within our atmosphere. There is no flashing lights or beacons and they are soundless so these are not terrestrial aircraft.  See the way they turn at right angles and blink out only to reappear a large distance away. These crafts are capable of accelerating to incredible speeds. Human technology is incapable of such unbelievable feats. Biology proves, The human pilot would be killed by the immense G-forces such manoeuvres would inflict upon their bodies. These are without doubt extra-terrestrial cra—”

Jess howled and laid down.

“Holy moly!” Linley gulped as she watched the now nine aircraft dancing in the sky.

The oscillating hoop became the sphere of red light that rose above the pinnacle. It grew brighter and brighter until Linley was unable to look directly at it. One by one, the craft descended with incredible speed. Each, an elongated tic-tac shape which appeared to be made out of liquid silver. Tumbling and spinning through the air faster than even the most modern fighter jet; they rocketed into the oscillating sphere and vanished.

Linley found herself breathless as the last craft vanished from sight. She watched the sphere return to a hoop. Then a red laser. Finally, that vanished leaving a peaceful volcano as if nothing out of the ordinary had ever happened. Only now, she had the footage to prove it did.

“Wruff!” said Jess, her wagging tail suggesting the event was over.

“Okay, I think it’s safe to say our volcano is the site of some sort of portal or wormhole. Wait until the world sees this, Jess,” Linley grinned as she spent a minute checking and protecting her SD cards. Happy, she tied her ponytail into a bun, put her gear into her rucksack and set off down the mountain.

It was pitch black by the time she reached her car at the roadside. Emerging from the pine forest, she was unsurprised to see a black Jeep waiting for her.

Jess growled and leapt forward forcing Linley to restrain her.”

“Linley Panadero, you are under arrest for trespassing,” said a man in a black suit and silvery sunglasses covering her with a brilliant white torchlight.

“Bull-Shit!” Linley strode towards her car with confidence. “I stayed within the national park. I crossed through no restricted area fencing. I did nothing wrong, so get in your car and sod off!”

“Linley Panadero, you …”

“We already established you know my name. I committed no crimes. Now, leave me alone!”

“You will hand over all your SD cards and wipe your cameras memories. Do that and promised never to return to the volcano and you will not be detained and we will forget the events of this night.” The man drew a Desert Eagle and made a show of loudly cocking the firing hammer.

Linley’s breath caught in her throat. This guy was going to murder her to protect the extra-terrestrials. “Alright fine.” Taking off her rucksack, she took out each camera and removed the cards. Throwing each at the feet of the man, she turned the camera on and showed him the memory was empty. “Happy now?”

“Not quite!” the man pocketed the cards and rifle through her bag. “Remove your clothes!”

“Ha!” Linley struck a furious pose. “My boyfriend wouldn’t even ask me to do that. I’m certainly not doing it for you.”

“This gun is not a toy!” The man aimed the gun at Jess.

“Wruff!” she said wrinkling her nose and showing her teeth with utmost aggression.

“Fine!” Linley swiftly showed all her pockets to be empty aside from Jess’s favourite kibble treats. She took each layer of clothing off and then quickly redressed. “You have all the evidence. I committed no crime. Now, get gone!”

“Thank you for your cooperation. Go nowhere near the mountain and you will never see me again. If you trespass any more you and the mutt will cease to exist.” The man engaged the safety catch on his gun, climbed into his jeep and roared away in the opposite direction to the village.

Linley grinned, “Gotcha smart arse! Let’s go, Jess.” Climbing into her car, she buckled the dog into the back and set off for the nearest city. She entered a multi-storey car park in the centre. There she changed cars and clothes with one she’d left there earlier.

Feeling free of possible tracking devices, she drove on to the television centre.

A short man wearing a blue suit and white-framed glasses was waiting for her in the underground car park. “Linley, you made it! I intercepted Chief Wiley Fletcher’s phone call to you. Are you alright?” he said as they hugged.

Linley smiled and kissed him. “Hi, Matt. You bet. Jess and I had a slight ‘man in black’ problem but we saw the extra-terrestrials and made it out safely.”

Matt smile evaporated. “I trust he took all the evidence, then?”

“Ha! About now he’s watching two thousand hours of Jess crapping in my back garden! The lucky guy can see it all in high definition, night vision, and on thermal imaging as well!”

Matt burst out laughing. “Nice one! Look, I know those men in black search every nook and cranny to make sure they get all the evidence. How did you hide it!”

“Oh yeah! The pervert looked almost everywhere trust me.” Linley released her ponytail from the bun. From within her hair, she revealed a small yellow plastic egg. Cracking that open, she tipped all the SD cards into Matt’s waiting hands. “There you go. Make sure every single person on the planet sees that footage.”

“Yes! Pulitzer prize here I come!” Matt punched the air. “I’m going to send all this footage within encrypted messages to reporters, UFO investigators and radio stations in every country first. Then I’ll broadcast it on all our TV channels as well.”

“Fantastic!” Linley kissed Matt again then walked away with Jess at her heels. “The truth is out there and it’s coming to a screen near you!”

The End

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