A Near-Perfect Morning

“What makes your perfect morning? Well in an ideal world mine would be full of fun, love and frivolity as I baked in the kitchen. Something like this –”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
Pensitivity’s three things challenge – Coffee – Snuggled – Rolled
Your Daily Word — Wield
Word of the Day Challenge — Mawkish
Ragtag Daily Word — Bacterial

A Near-Perfect Morning

The tuneful sound of Mr Blackbird singing in the morning brought a smile to Henry’s face. Although it was still early, he was already in the kitchen. Henry loved nothing more than to bake on his days off. He’d already produced and rolled out one tray of scones and was working on a second. He loved, how his rolling pin pressed the sultanas into the creamy yellow dough. It was almost hypnotising as he aimed for a perfect ¾ inch thickness.

“Sir Henry of the Kitchen. You wield your rolling pin like Excalibur on the battlefield!” remarked his fiancée smiling as she entered the kitchen still wearing her cute teddy-bear bed shorts and vest.

“Lady Leah, you will serve me well. For I am master of the dough.” Henry returned a smile as he switched to a fluted cutter and began to cut his scones.

“No, I meant you’re bashing about in here like a hundred men on the battlefield,” Leah giggled. She came around the counter and put the kettle on for coffee.

Henry raised his eyebrows, “Why, you besmirch my scone-making ability! Maybe, your punishment shall be eating none.”

“You make wonderful scones. You’re just a noisy sod!” Leah snuggled into his back. Cuddling his chest as she watched him finish cutting perfectly round scones.

“I’m sorry. I just had an urge to bake. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“I know.” Leah smoothed his hair causing him to look at her. At that moment his eyes twinkled as she kissed him.

“Do you ever wonder about the bacterial implications of a kiss?” he said as they parted.

“Huh! Are you saying I’ve got a dirty mouth?” Leah gaped and spanked his backside.

“No – just got me thinking is all. I mean when we kiss, we share saliva and microbes. We could pass on anything like herpes, syphilis, Epstein-Barr, Men —”

“Well, that made our romantic moment perfectly disgusting. Thank you for that!”

“Hmm, the trouble with being a doctor. I apologise.” Henry egg-washed his scones and loaded the two trays into the oven.

“That’s alright. I’m going to kiss the dog from now on instead!” Leah retorted with a mawkish grin as she finished the coffees.

“With that long tongue of his. I’m sure old Pepe kisses better than me, anyway.” Henry moped over to the sink and began washing up. A wadded tea towel bounced off his head.

“Hey, don’t you go all sulky. You started it with the syphilis!” Leah said pointing a teaspoon at him.

“Woof!” agreed Pepe clicking his claws on the stone-tiled floor. He was one of those French bulldogs with the perpetual smile.

“Morning, Pepe. Leah would like a kiss. Take her to your basket though, will you.” Henry said winking at the dog.

“Woof!” Pepe jumped and pressed his front paws against Leah’s bare leg.

She bent and kissed his nose. “Such a smart dog.” Straightening she fetched his breakfast. She got two feet from the sink with his water bowl and shrieked

Henry had lunged with a handful of soap bubbles and deposited them in a pyramid upon her blonde hair. “Gotcha!” he teased.

“Don’t look, Pepe. I’m going to slap him!” Leah dried herself with a towel. Placing her hands on her hips she scowled at Henry. “You’re a cheeky bugger. Somehow I still love you though.”

“Oh, good because I really love you.” Henry dried his hands and approached her. “My smile every morning comes from waking up beside you, lovely.”

“Aww, now he’s being sweet, Pepe.” Leah allowed him to cuddle and snuggle against her. “Maybe, we’ll keep him, after all.”

Henry brushed his nose against hers and gasped as she pulled away. Pouting he said, “S’cuse me. Where’s my kiss?”

“You can sod off down the supermarket for a gallon of mouthwash and sanitiser first!” Leah sipped her coffee to hide a smile.


“I don’t want a syphilis kiss!” Leah burst into a fit of giggles.

“Oh, you cheeky —” Henry made a grab for her hand.

Leah, still giggling, dashed out of the kitchen.

“Woof!” said Pepe bounding about with excitement.

Henry chased his fiancée through the dining room, up and down the stairs and into the lounge. Leaping over the coffee table, he caused her to squeal as he caught and dropped her on the leather sofa.

“Sir Henry, I beg you. Please let me go. I’m only an innocent maiden,” she begged like a cheeky little girl.

“The price for your freedom, Lady Leah. Stands at two-dozen kisses!” Henry replied as he began collecting his bounty. Kissing along her neck, and chin. As their eyes met so too did their lips.

Time vanished as they smooched lost in each other.

Then Pepe barked.

Henry broke his embrace, “What is it old —” he sniffed the air. “Ahh, shit! My scones!”

The End

In case I left you feeling like making some scones. Here’s a recipe for you. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!

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