Banana Tea Loaf

This a wonderfully versatile little recipe. Its a great way to use up those last couple of banana's. Or you can just as easily switch those out for cherries and coconut, or even some peeled and gently boiled apples and cinnamon for something a little different. This a great recipe for a lunch treat, a... Continue Reading →

Delicious Scones

There's nothing better as an accompaniment for a cup of tea. A treat with lunch or indeed as a naughty snack, than a delicious sultana scone. This recipe was given to me by my grandmother, I always think of her as I make it now. Those little tips in there are all hers, and they... Continue Reading →

Custard Cream Biscuits.

Theres nothing like a traditional treat to go with a nice cup of tea. These Custard Creams biscuits have roots going back over a hundred years. Why not whip up a batch and try them yourself. Oh and I added notes on a scrumptious chocolate version as well. Bon appetite & thanks for reading! Don't... Continue Reading →

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