Acid Apple

This story was written for Pensitivity 101’s Three Things Challenge #336

Today’s threes Prompt’s are: Acid, sour, Ripe

This story also includes;
 The Word of the Day Challenge word: Garden
The Ragtag Daily Prompt word: Carpet
Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Rocket

Here’s what I created …

Acid Apple

Doctor Arthur Shirai was taking lunch on the patio in his garden. He loved to sit amid the summer blooms and absorb some sun. He spent most of his days working in his office, he’d discovered a secret in human genetics and was determined to tease it into something useful. In the last couple of day’s, he’d succeeded. His boss at the Humanity Science Lab had been stoked to receive the email proving Shirai’s success.   

Arthur polished off a ham sandwich and then bit into his beautiful, ripe Golden Delicious apple. Expecting the usual sweet and sour combination of flavours, he immediately gagged. The apple was acid beyond belief and tasted like it had been made of an acrid metal.

“Poison! I’ve been poisoned!” Arthur felt his heart rate spike as his skin started tingling as if wrapped in fibreglass. “Damn you! I won’t let you win!” Arthur cried out as he rose to his feet knocking his plate to the ground.

He barely noticed it shattering as he made his way indoors. He already needed to use the door frame and wall to remain upright. Gasping for breath and sweating buckets, he made it across the lounge and into his mahogany panelled office.

Picking up the phone he dialled the emergency services.

“Ambulance, can we help?”

“I’ve been … poisoned — Arsenic or more … likely … antimony. I’m at …” the poisons emetic properties took effect. Arthur felt his stomach churn. The feeling welled like a rocket up his oesophagus. He doubled up and vomited on the carpet. Gasping for breath he regained the phone.

“Hello, you there? Where are you, please?”

“I’m at … Rosehip cottage … Henford Road … H…urry.” Arthur dropped the phone and staggered around his desk.

Collapsing into his chair he felt his heart fluttering becoming arrhythmic in his ever-tightening chest. He felt as if a large python was slowly constricting down upon his ribs. “Stay conscious damn it!” he yelled; willing himself on.

With his blood pressure through the roof and pounding throughout his whole body, he switched on the computer. “What … ever-this is … It’s more than … just antimony. It’s happening too fast!”

Arthur vomited again and almost fell off his chair. Forcing himself upright he began tapping away at the keyboard. Drenched in sweat and yet shivering with cold, he forged on. Soon he was almost blind from having his blood pressure at critical mass. It grew so bad, he struggled to upload work to an email message.

‘This formula will prevent people from getting cancer and cure those that already have it. I know it works – I’m being killed to stop it from getting out. This formula will cost drugs manufacturers a fortune. Ensure, my work gets used to save lives.’   

Arthur read his message as he slumped in his chair. Blood was oozing from his nose now.

“What are you doing, Darling?” asked a lady coming into the room.

“Helen, help … me, I’ve been … poisoned,”  he said, his mouth as dry as sandpaper now. It was all he could do not to claw off his burning skin as he blinked to clear his vision and focus on his wife.

“I know. Feels like hell, doesn’t it?”

“Helen, no – Not … you!”

“Sorry darling, Mr Erich was always better in bed than you. His business relies on you failing to solve the cancer puzzle.” Helen laughed.

 Arthur felt his body spasm as a wave of pain ripped through him. He stabbed the send button and forced a smile as his message was delivered. “You’re … too … late!” his voice was gurgle as he spoke through a mouthful of foam now.

“What?” Helen raced around the desk. Her eyes fell upon the screen and she screamed, “You ruined everything!”

Arthur staggered to his feet, gave her a two-fingered salute and collapsed to the carpet. He died with a smile on his face knowing his work would safe many lives.

The End 

Thanks for reading my friends. As always there are more stories to be enjoyed (I hope) in the Short Stories and Short Stories 2 tabs. There’s also poetry here in Poetry Corner

Have a great day!

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