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This Poem was written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August #23

Today’s Prompt is: Create a Character

Character creation can be the most fun part of writing for the author. It allows you to get to know a character well. Which in turns makes it much easier to develop and write about the character in the story itself.

This isn’t so useful in short stories as there is little room for character detail. However for a series of short stories and indeed for novels, it’s vital to ensure you have well rounded and realistic feeling characters.

Sometimes you don’t even need to create the character. Holly for me wasn’t a creation — she was real. She told me all I needed to know about her and I could see her so clearly in my mind. So, her character sheet was just that reflection of what I saw and was told.

Other characters like Oratio below, develop as you write about them. This is fine and fun too — especially if you go wild and fantastical with it.  

In either case the character development sheet you will see gives you a place to put all the information. A reference to check as you go along. It’s also a place for all the details you know about the character that won’t make the book. Yes, its good to keep a secret or too from the reader. This gives the character depth and interest.

Well head on down to see how I created characters for my mystery series. You’ll meet Oratio, who I created today just to show you how I do it.

Feel free to copy my character sheet or indeed you can find others to use on Pinterest.

Character Creation Sheet — Oratio  

Name – Oracio Quinn

Age –  34       Eyes–  Amber            HairTitian

Weight 220lbs     Build- fit and muscular      Height- 5’8’’


Distinguishing features- Tatoo of a heron on right forearm, missing left finger. Always unshaven but not untidy.

ClothingOracio, loves chino trousers and form fitting t-shirts. Often wears a black suit for work,

Special itemssilver cross and wedding ring on a chain about his neck.


Likes- Pasta, archery, reading and animals

DislikesBadguys, guns, rules

Family-  Father- Donald Quinn(Deceased)  Mother- Theodora Quinn (78) Wife – Loren Quinn (Missing) Children- Herriot (12)  Siblings Catalina Horricks (28) Married to Eric Horricks – the millionaire.


Education- Eton College, Oxford University and SAS military school  

Occupation- MI6 Special Operations.

Residence- London

Personality type- ‘C’ Systematic in his approach, thoughtful and yet action orientated.


Brief History- Oratio was born in Milan Italy and grew up in London. His high IQ saw him make the grades for Eton College and Oxford in the business sectors following his father. His athletic ability was not missed and he was soon a ranking soldier in the SAS. When his tours came to an end MI6 took him on immediately.   

Character story- Oratio’s upbringing was good and he became a learned young man. His sister never bothered, just used her place in society to get money. Something Oratio was always displeased about. His real story is that shortly his and his wife Catalina’s daughter Herriot turned ten; Catalina was abducted. The only clue was she had been taken in revenge for what Oratio had done on a previous MI6 mission. He knows she’s alive as he receives pictures of her from time to time. Despite continuing to complete his jobs as an MI6 special operations agent – his only goal is to find his wife.  

Personal Goals- Find his wife – Kill her abductors – Quit MI6

Future- His future depends on getting Catalina back safe. That happens; he retires as a happy family man. She dies, he never retires and does all he can to kill her abductor and any other scumbags like him.

Quirks- Oratio jokes when in jeopardy. An old knee injury makes his left knee click when he bends.

I hope that shows you some ideas for character creation and inspires you on your writing journey.

Oratio is a new and unused character for a novel sized story I wont be writing. Do you want to use him? If so let me know and make him yours.

Thanks for reading my friends. As always there are more stories to be enjoyed (I hope) in the Short Stories and Short Stories 2 tabs. There’s also poetry here in Poetry Corner

Have a great day!

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