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Mystery in the Orkney’s

The prompt was 'Write a story in diary form' how does one do that and make it interesting? a diary has no dialogue or live action. It's a tell and no show -- Shock horror to those hardcore rule followers, it can be done and it can work. Not saying my story below is good,... Continue Reading →

A Storm’s Waltz

'Presenting my 750-word challenge story for the above picture by artist Miss Aniela (real name Natalie), a British Fine Arts Photographer.' It's a pleasure to reshare this for Fandango's Flashback Friday. A Storms Waltz Natalya screamed, cowering inside her walk-in wardrobe. Never had the weather been this violent. "Oh, why of all days did you... Continue Reading →

The Cursed Cabin

“Well, there’s no cars up here. Whaa—” Larry flinched away from leathery fluttering wings. Natalie chuckled, “There are bats though.”

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