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Fairy tales

“I originally created this post for Mindlover Menagerie’s prompt 348. The picture of the girl sleeping in what appears to be woods reminded me of my fairy photo’s and stories. Anyway, not everything for Halloween has to be scary. The holiday ios about all things fantastical, so why not make it a fairy Halloween for a change.”

Fairy Photo’s

I adore taking nature and wildlife photos. So, these were all mushrooms I took in the woodlands and fields around Norfolk, England. I found fairies online and added them with a few special effects to make fantasy fairy worlds.

Fairy Stories

I love fantasy and so I write a fairy story or two from time to time. Here’s one or two for your enjoyment.

Xylan the Guardian

Buttercup Lily

A Fall Into Fantasy

Fenella’s Island

I hope you enjoyed my little Fairy Tale show. Do check out all my other literary works in the Short Stories and Short Stories 2 tabs.

have a great day!!


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