The Cursed Cabin

Welcome to Natalie and Larry’s 3rd haunted mystery. There are many more in the Dawson Ghost Hunts

This story was written for various prompts. I’m pleased to re-share it on my ghost day for Fandango’s Flashback Friday

The Curse Cabin

“Why are we in these creepy old woods again?” asked Natalie Dawson tying her chestnut hair back into a bun. She and her husband Larry were a ghost hunting team. They took pride in helping people with problematic spirits.

“Mr Salinger has a cabin on the lake up here. It’s oozing with so much paranormal stuff he can’t stay here anymore.” Larry grinned at her. “Come on, it’ll be fun.”

“I nearly got killed by a flying hubcap last time,” Natalie recalled their last battle with spirits within Nigel Gregson’s Car Museum.

“Well, there’s no cars up here. Whaa—” Larry flinched away from leathery fluttering wings.

Natalie chuckled, “There are bats though.”

“I noticed!” Larry brought his flashlight back to the path silhouetting all the tree branches into creeping claws. “Why is that tree’s always look like demons after dark?”

“Chilling isn’t it?” Natalie came to a stop and held her head.

“Sensing something?” Larry asked having come and placed a hand on her shoulder.

Natalie’s mediumship was no accidental thing, she’d been born with the powers twenty-two years ago. “I feel strong magical energy.” Natalie extended her hand causing her wedding ring to glint in her torchlight. She could feel the spidery tingling of electricity surrounding her fingers. “It’s as if a there’s a charm creating a forcefield on this place.”  

“Okay, we better go careful from here then. The lake is just there you can see it catching our light now.” Larry heard a branch crackle and spun to face it.

Nothing was there.

Natalie moved forward with her hands spread ahead of her; feeling, sensing the aura. Although there was no sense of beings besides animals here, there was a lot of power. “Over there.” She indicated a copse of beech trees between her and the lake.

“Yes, look the cabin is there beyond them.” Larry took out a tri-field metre to search for disturbances in the electromagnetic fields, temperature and radio signals. It began bouncing about at once. “Wow! High gauss readings out here.”

“Trust me, I feel it.” Natalie held her stomach as she advanced on the ordinary-looking log cabin with its stope veranda facing the water. Arriving at the door, she turned left and entered the trees and buddleias beside the cabin.

“Darling, aren’t we going in?”

“No its—”

“Natalie!” Larry called fear tightened his chest.

No answer came back.

“Natalie!” he burst into the trees and cannoned into the back of her. She was stood stock still and staring. Larry followed her gaze. “Holy Crap!” he was seeing a decapitated lamb’s skull and chicken feet nailed to a tree trunk. Around them, a set of eerie symbols had been carved. Most concerning was the small doll, a needle was pierced right through its head impaling it to the tree.

“Voodoo — this is what’s causing the problem around here. “We ha-ve to …” a feminine scream ripped the silent woods apart.

“What have we walked into?” Larry took Natalie’s hand and drew her away from the cursed objects. He didn’t stop until they’d made it back to the cabin door. A low rolling mist was coming off the lake now. It curled like monstrous tendrils seeking to suffocate everything they could clasp onto.

“I feel her in there.” Natalie nodded to the log cabin.

“I have a key. “ Larry unlocked the door and pushed it open.

Natalie drew in a deep breath and walked into the darkness. At once she was hit by the vision of a young woman around her age. She screamed at her and then seemed to sink beneath the water. “Okay, I understand. You were drowned. What’s your name?” Natalie shrieked at the sound of loud crackling beside her.

Larry had switched on his Ovilus, allowing spirits to talk threw white noise created by rapid scans of the radio frequencies.

Natalie thumped his arm. “I wish you’d bloody warn —”

Bran-dee…”the voice was faint over the static but there.

 “Sorry, love. Sounds like she’s called Brandie.”

I aam …”

“Who drowned you, Brandie?” Natalie asked her eyes playing over the simple pine kitchen. The dining table contained a six-pack of beers. The hideous flowery couch and camp bed. Grabbing her camera, she recorded a fishing pole spinning in the air before it crashed to the floor.

I … Did…”

“So, you committed suicide?” Larry asked.

All six beers cracked open and erupted in foaming fountains.

“Have a drink why don’t you,” Natalie said with a small smile.

‘Torture …  suicide … release!’ uttered the voice over the Ovilus.

  Natalie felt as if a pin had been driven through her head just like the doll in the tree. She whimpered and fell to her knees.

Larry placed a hand on her shoulder. “You red hot and sweating. Are you okay?”

Natalie saw skulls, burning candles and that doll. A horned demon flashed into her mind and then she was free of the visions again. “Okay. They used Brandie to practice their voodoo magic. She was captive here during that time. One day she escaped and drowned herself to be free of the demons.”

“And now someone is casting voodoo spells here again and that’s upsetting her.     

Rupert nice … need help!’

“Who’s Rupert?” Natalie asked.

“That’s Mr Salinger. Brandie, are you making things happen to him to get help? Is that what you’re saying?”


“Thank you. We’re here to help you.” Natalie took out her phone. “I’ll call Amy. She knows how to handle this voodoo stuff, better than we do.“

Thirty-two minutes later a lady swathed in a white cloak and carrying a large carpet bag appeared walking along the path. She had long neon blue hair and wore pentagrams in her hair. She was Wiccan rather than a Voodoo but had long studied all the arcane and religious arts.

“Thank you for coming so quick, Amy.” Natalie hugged her old college friend.

“My pleasure. This place is almost ablaze with dark energy. It’s making my belly button ring vibrate,” Amy said. “Good to see you, Larry.”

“You too. The ritual is this way.”  Larry accepted a hug and then led her to the ritual site behind the cabin.

Amy crouched and looked at the lamb’s skull, chicken feet and doll. “Dark stuff, somebody wasn’t pissing around.”

“I figured this was no accidental dark magic,” Natalie remarked.

“Can you deal with it?”

“You betcha, Larry. Might make a few weird things happen. But we got to destroy this now.” Amy delved in her bag and laid out a hessian sack, a large cross wrapped with beads and other charms. She pulled on some gardening gloves and began chanting a spell.

A freakish scream echoed across the misty lake.

“Brandie, it’s okay. Amy is breaking the magic!” Natalie yelled as she willed the dark power away and reinforced the good in the area.

“I command thee dark energies be gone!” Amy finished with a scream. A thunderclap answered her as she began pulling the voodoo items from the tree. She put them in her hessian bag and poured holy water over the tree. Leaving the area she kindled a small fire and burned the sacrificial animal parts. “It’s done.”

“Thank you, Amy,” Larry said.

Natalie was drawn to the lake she watched the spirit of a young lady rise from the depths and walk about on the surface of the water. She waved and vanished toward the starry sky. “Yes, on behalf of Brandie, thank you, Amy.”

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

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