A Great Escape

“In almost every situation that hurts and darkens your life there is a way to escape. Don’t suffer find your freedom!”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
AuthorWorld — First Paragraph
Word of the Day Challenge — Abstemious

A Great Escape

The house had gone quiet. Thinking he’d left, I took my opportunity to try and escape. I tried the door handle; the door was locked. I peered through the keyhole. He locked me in again, he always did and I hated him for it.

This time I was ready, slipping a screwdriver from beneath my bed, I returned to the door. Sliding a piece of paper beneath it, I jimmied the key out with the screwdriver.

The dull clunk as the key hit the floor made me smile. I gently slid it back into the room and let myself out. Now, I could teach Mr Gertrude a lesson. He was supposed to be an abstemious, demure and well-to-do nobleman. Instead, he was a cruel, cantankerous, greed-driven old goat. I was tired of being his servant and doormat.

Creeping down from my attic room, I began to slink along the upper corridors of the grand Georgian house. Tonight, was a full moon just as I planned. It allowed me to see without needing a torch. If he caught me, he’d flogged me until dawn, my torn-up back showed proof of my master’s vindictive domination over me. As scared as I was, my revenge was going to be so sweet.

The light was on in his bedroom, he hadn’t left at all. No matter, the plan would still work. I tiptoed past and slipped down the grand marble staircase. At the halfway point, I was careful to avoid the bannister which creaked just there.

Heading right, I passed through the lavish dining room. I was sick of the sight of those overindulgent gold candelabras on the table. He must’ve made me polish them about a hundred thousand times since he imprisoned me here. Tonight, they wouldn’t get polished, they were getting stolen.

Leaving them for now, I entered the kitchen. Grabbing a pile of sacks from beneath the white marble counters, I smiled. Chef Dawson would get my thanks. Now, I approached the great, old oak door. He would tell his visitors it was a genuine medieval castle door. That it hid the chef’s scullery and pantry. Lies, the lot of it.

I slipped back to bolts and turned the large iron key in the padlock. Holding my breath, I hoped he wouldn’t hear it clunk as I unlocked and withdrew it from the door . Silence remained in the house as I drew the heavy door open. Six faces all-female looked back at me from the darkness at the bottom of the cellar steps.

“Georgie, you came!” said one of the girls advancing up the steps in her flimsy maiden’s dress. She like all the girls was barefoot to stop her from escaping. Not that they could when trapped in the cellar like prisoners.

“I did, Hannah. You will be his slaves no more. You know what to do. Do it fast – go!” I whispered as she kissed me on the cheek on her way into the kitchen.

Handing each of the girls a sack, I re-entered the dining room and stowed the golden candelabras, the silverware cutlery, and a small Picasso into my own sack.

Crossing the Hall. I grinned at the sound of the girls whispering and tittering as they stole away Mr Gertrude’s riches. Entering the drawing-room, I sighed as I took in the bookcases full of wonderful literature. I longed to sit lost in a mystery or fantasy in this room. That was something I would never be allowed to do. I’d never get the chance either. Moving to the fireplace end of the room, I withdrew a book entitled ‘The Secrets’ from one of the enormous Cedar shelves. It caused the whole bookcase to slide away revealing a secret office.

“What you doing?” asked Hannah padding in behind me.

“Hitting him right where it hurts,” I smiled deviously as I walked around the green leather-topped desk. There against the wall was an old black safe. I turned the dial and entered the numbers from memory. Three times he’d unlocked the safe with me in the room. This’ll teach the old fool for abusing those he wanted to trust him.

“Wow! Look at all that shiny stuff,” Hannah gasped as I drew the heavy door open.

I popped a pearl necklace around her neck and kissed her. Wasting no more time, I swept the rest of the jewellery and half a dozen gold bars into my sack. “Right, time to go!”

“Yes, quickly before he kills us all!” Hannah creased her face with fear.

I smoothed her cheek with my hand, “He’ll never touch you again. I promise you.” With the sack over my shoulder, I led her back to the hallway.

A rotund man with the smart twisting moustache stood with the girls. Each had a bulging sack now. “Ready, Georgie?” he said with a wink.

“Perfectly, Dawson.” I saluted while noticing a sweet smell permeating the air.

Dawson made the girls giggle by sticking his middle finger up at the portrait of Mr Gertrude. “Right, when I opened the door run!”

Everybody nodded.

I held Hannah’s hand.

Dawson thrust the door open setting the alarm ringing through the house. One last gadget to keep the slaves under his thumb.

“Go!” I yelled as we burst out the door and ran down the flagstone steps. Leaping the box hedges, we fled along the manicured lawns.

“Freeze! You will pay dearly for trying to rob me!” Mr Gertrude stood at the front door. Draped in his regal red gown he looked a pompous pillock as he aimed his shotgun towards the closest of his slaves.

“Goodbye, Mr Gertrude. Thanks for being the worst employer on planet Earth!” I yelled back.

“Yeah, good riddance to you,” Hannah added with a brazen gesture.

Gertrude raised his shotgun and fired. The fact that he dead-headed one of his prized roses meant little to him just then. A cloud of flames erupted into life all around him. It blazed into the house and detonated with a brilliant yellow light. Every window was blasted out and much of the roof caved in as the building was consumed in the giant fireball.

“Whoops! I think I left the gas stoves on too long,” Dawson remarked as if he’d just overcooked a turkey.

“Just a tad, Dawson. Let’s see the girls safe and then have a drink to celebrate.” I replied as he slipped out of the gate disappeared into the night.

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

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