A Father’s Vow

This story was written in answer to Fandango’s One Word Challenge. Word – ‘Nothing’

This story also includes the Your Daily Word Prompt word – ‘Onerous’

Here’s what I came up with …

A Father’s Vow

The most Onerous, demanding job for Peter was also his most pertinent one. Nothing was more important to him than taking care of his daughter Siri. She was fourteen now and fiercely independent. That didn’t stop him being there for her — even if she often didn’t want him to be. Peter’s wife Lindsey, Siri’s mother had died of cancer when Siri was just three. Her last words to Peter was to look after their daughter. He promised to always do that, vowing to die to protect her.

When the phone rang at two in the morning, Peter was instantly awake. He knew it’d be Siri; she was staying with her school friend Carol for the night. He grabbed his phone, yawned and answered. “Siri – Are you okay, sweetheart.”

“Dad! help me…” Siri sounded terrified, sobbing into the phone.

“Siri, it’s okay. What’s wrong? Where are you?” Peter cracked his foot on the bedside, ignored the pain and began to dress.

“Carol’s — there’s a man here. He used a hammer to get in, he’ll find us soon!”

Hearing his daughter’s panicked breath brought tears to Peter, “Okay. I’m coming, call the police and hide.” Peter pulled his shirt over his head. Grabbed his keys and raced out of the house.

Every bad outcome weighed strenuously on Peter’s mind as he broke several speed limits to reach Carol’s. Her parents often worked away and Siri would stay there so Carol wasn’t alone. ‘Oh, please be okay. If he hurts you, Siri; I’ll murder, resurrect him and murder him again!’

Peter moved between fear and fury with increasing panic. He turned on to Vicarage Road and stopped a short distance from the address. No police – Had Siri been stopped before she could call them. Peter put in a call himself and doubled-up the emergency status.

Peter banged his head on the roof of the car on his way out. With no time to be in pain, he shook off the smarting blow and jogged down the path. The front of Carol’s red brick house looked untouched.

“Where did you go?” Peter jogged along the passage and came to the back of the house. Even in the darkness, he could tell the family were no gardeners. The whole yard was paved. The backdoor had been forced open, the glass smashed. Peter hadn’t doubted Siri, but now he had proof for himself.

Dashing through the wrecked door he entered the kitchen. The house was too dark to see well.

Something thundered to the floor and then a terrified scream filled the house.

Peter, flinched for half a second, fear prickled through him, spiking his adrenaline like a punch in the heart. Breathing hard, he shot into the lounge stumbled over the coffee table and bounded up the stairs.

A light shone from one rear room. Peter crossed the hall in two steps and threw the door open. He was in time to see the intruder hurl Carol onto her bed, tearing her nightie. Siri was hitting him for all she was worth. He cuffed her cheek with a vicious backhand, knocking her to the floor.

“Be patient, girly. Your next!” he told her over Carol’s choked screams.

“On my honour to protect my Siri — Nothing will stop me killing you!” Peter swore with venom, leapt on the bed and slammed a kick into his head.

The intruder snapped back from the blow and rolled away from Carol. “Then I’ll kill you too,” he yelled as he tried to get to his feet.

“My death will be worth it to see my daughter and her friend safe!” Peter, lunged, caught his shoulders and shoved him from the bed. He roared as he drove the creep into the wardrobe with a hollow bang.

Siri grabbed Carol and pulled her to safety. “Daddy!” she cried.

Peter caught his man with a knee in the stomach and a solid punch in the mouth.

The intruder jacked his jaw and reversed the pressure. “Time to die!”

Peter was pinned to the wardrobe and being throttled by strong hands.

Siri seized her friends hockey stick, she bludgeoned it across the intruders back. He roared in pain, “I’ll hurt you for that, you —”

Peter threw up his arms, breaking his grip and nose in a vicious flurry. “Attack and threaten my daughter and her friend, will you?” he seethed. A punch in the face did not affect the furious father. He came forward swinging for the fences.

The intruder drew a knife and aimed for his chest.

 Siri screamed for her father and hit him again, knocking the knife away,

He caught the stick and sent her sprawling into petrified Carol. Both girls fell to the floor.

The intruder had the hockey stick now, he swung it like a baseball bat, determined to kill Peter.

Peter rolled away, the wardrobe door splintered beneath the impact. He came up with the intruder’s hammer in hand. Just in time, he used it to block another murderous shot with the stick. Peter gritted his teeth, and drove the hammer down, crushing the intruder’s foot.

The intruder howled as he tried to take Peter’s head off with the stick.

Peter seized it and somehow drove the limping man out the door. A quick yank gave him control of the weapon. he swung it with all his might, sending the intruder bouncing down the stairs straight into a pair of police officers.

“Put the stick down now!” yelled one of the officers lighting him up with his stun guns red dot sight.

Peter dropped the stick. “It’s alright, I’m Siri’s dad, he’s the intruder.”

“He’s telling the truth.” Siri came out of the bedroom and hugged her dad,

He hugged back for all he was worth. “You’re safe now,” he told her as he kissed her forehead. Seeing Carol, he brought her into the hug as well. “You’re both safe now.”  

“Would you really die for me?” Siri asked him.

Peter nodded and dried her tears. “Anytime, sweetheart. If dying means, you get to live and be happy and healthy, I’d give it a hundred times over.”

“Thank you, dad.”  

As he stepped outside of the house with the girls, Peter looked to the sky. ‘I hope you saw that, Lindsey. I did as I promised you.”  

The End

Thanks for reading my friends. As always there are more stories to be enjoyed (I hope) in the Short Stories and Short Stories 2 tabs.

Have a great day!

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    1. This must have been terrifying for you having a granddaughter. Its an awful situation to be in. I’d love to know how the prompts gave me this one. It doesn’t really fit them but it came out well.

      Thanks for reading, Jim.

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