First Date

“I’ve never had a date. I reckon if I ever did it might go something like this!”

I wrote this poem for Pensitivity’s Three Things Challenge #453 – Beckoning – Love – Padded

First Date

We talked online long and hard
Our relationship grew, although on guard
Love was still blooming across the net
A meeting for us was on the card

She stood wearing a pretty padded coat
So beautiful, causing a lump in my throat
Her smile enchanting, beckoning
I approached ready to give a loving quote

“Hello, my sweet treacle tart.”
Well, that was romantic as a fart
I mentally slap myself but she smiles
“Not the best greeting. It’s a start.”

We head for the coffee shop
Must ensure this date is not a flop
I buy cappuccino and cordate cake
Yup, I drop the lot and call for a mop

My nerves always win with glee
They ruin my day and make me pee
My romantic date; a total mess
But at least she still loves me

Thanks for reading my friends. There’s more poetry in my Poetry Corner

Have a great day!

8 thoughts on “First Date

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  1. Ah, someone who sees beyond the nervous wreck before her.
    My first words to Hubby the night we met were
    ‘So that heap’s yours is it?’
    Apparently his car was loyal to only him and would not start for anyone else. Er, or did. On subsequent dates I had to drive it, and it purred nicely for me every time. ‘Fred’ soon became ‘Traitor’, but it broke the ice and we both relaxed. That was in May 1989, and we’re still together.
    Thanks for playing along Mason.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed, 35 years of life haven’t given me any love. So if it came I’d be nervous as all hell and would need her to be very forgiving lol.

      ‘So that heap’s yours it it?” HAHA! that’s the best first date line I’ve ever heard. If a relationship can start and be strong on a comment like that you know its a good match!

      It was a pleasure. I apologise for dropping out for a while after August. This is fun!


      1. Thank you. I had to stop writing for a while due to my hands getting bad. I’m on diction software now, Its mighty annoying at times but gets the job done.

        The virus doesn’t effect me much in my little tiny village. However the BS from the government still filters through and drives me nuts lol!


      2. With you on government. We’ve been bumped into Tier 3, even though our town has one of the lowest infection rates in the county.
        The arthritis in my hands plays up sometimes, but I’m doing OK.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. The tiers are being manipulated without looking at any of the numbers. They have to be because the numbers are complete BS. Many of those ‘with the virus’ don’t have it at all! My cousin killed himself because the government murdered his pub. They forged his death certificate to say the virus killed him. They’ve doctored it all from day one. Its all BS.

        Arthritis is plain evil! Mine is nerve damage resulting from a fall at work eight years ago. Although too much typing might be to blame too.


      4. Yup the virus is not dangerous. the government with all their stolen power is. The regular flu is just as dangerous as this BS virus if the true numbers are correlated and we never hid from the regular flu. This is about something bigger than they tell us.


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