Drunken Davy

“Sometimes the only answer to a prompt is something daft. I did try a new type of poetry for me . I apologise if this is terrible!”

I wrote this poem for Pensitivity’s Three Things Challenge #452 – Christmas day, Centre, Door

Drunken Davy

Old Davy loved to get drunk

The alcohol made him a punk

Especially on Christmas day

Last year, he got stuck in a trunk

This year he visited the garden centre

Crashing, he made his bumper benter

“You hit my bloody door!”

The manager became quite the venter

Remember drinking too much beer

Will make Christmas mighty queer

Bring police to the door.

And Davy was a prisoner for a year

Thanks for reading my friends. There’s more and better poetry in my Poetry Corner

Have a great day!

17 thoughts on “Drunken Davy

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      1. She was lovely. Hubby put it together years ago and the picture used was from 2008, so she would have been three. For some reason it disappeared for a while, so it was good to find and reinstate it. The one we had put on canvas was when she was 14. We miss her.

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    1. For sure, I had fun so I posted it. Not everything has to be shining good work. Its about having fun with it,

      My stats have gone up well this year thanks to finding all these wonderful prompts and people like yourself to share with. Its made it great!

      Thanks for reading, my friend.

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      1. I only really tried poetry, or fiction, this year, but people seem to like the poetry especially (although I think it is often because it is short 🤣). The irony is, most of the time I find it really easy to write. But that’s another buzz, knowing that people enjoy what you write.

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      2. Your longer posts are good, but I often have to put them to one side, for later, just because I don’t have the time, there and then. But there are a few blogs I follow like that, you are not the only one. Somebody on here is basically writing a book, far as I can tell, and is drip-feeding it in 10-minute segments 2 or 3 times a week.

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      3. Thank you for saying that.

        Since learning to dictate i’ve struggled to write shorter. I have to making a limit and force me to stick with it!

        I wouldnt post a whole book though Wattpad is the place for that..


      4. It’s hard. I found I was at least 5 minutes to publish any story meaningful. I tell you what, though, I have become far better at editing things. I look at some posts which people openly describe as rambles, and I cringe.

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      5. I’m terrible at editing but even I spot so many mistakes in posts. I think it is way easier to see errors in something you didn’t write but still some are blatant.

        Your posts are always very well done though.

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      6. I publish them privately first, that’s why, then listen to them and correct them. That’s a good way because a spellchecker will miss things that are not the desired word, but are nevertheless a valid word. My ears will pick that us, though. in/is, on/of for example.

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  1. Davy got locked up for a year for a fender bender and dui?! Holy smokes, those police aren’t messing around! All kidding aside, this was definitely a fun, little read. I think the limerick style of poetry is your best, by far. Keep it up!

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