Lonely and Loved

This story was written in answer to the Ragtag Daily Prompt – Party

Here’s what I came up with …

Lonely and Loved

Friday Night on the Broadland City University Campus was always party night. It was a weekly celebration of another five days learning completed — for those not having to studying Saturday and Sunday anyway.

This week’s party was taking full advantage of the Performance Centre as it often did when no public events were taking place. University rock group, ‘Band Wagon’ were filling the room with a mix of hard rock and a racket they called heavy metal. A mosh pit had developed by the stage and groups of students were dancing, singing and partying around the large white-walled room. The largest crowd seemed to be at the bar.

Dale held his head and sighed, ‘Why do I always let myself get taken to these awful parties?’ Most weeks he was dragged to one party or other by his batchmates Louis a Robert. After ten-minutes together, they’d inevitably end up dancing with some girls and having a blast. Dale never did, he always spent the party alone with his coke and would usually be home by 10 PM.

Today was going no different. There was Robert, ‘Eugh, that’s disgusting, Robert! Get her tongue out of your lungs!” Dale cringed as his mate danced and snogged with a brunette letting almost everything be visible through her tiny white, stomachless, backless dress. As he watched on a cascade of coloured balloons fell from the ceiling.  

Dale tore his gaze away and scanned the throngs of partying students. He spotted a food fight in progress by the buffet table. He never ate from it, knowing somebody probably spiked half the offerings with drugs or something. One of the footballer team seemed to be unconscious under a table in one of the booths. At least people were tending to him. Dale glanced toward the stage and …  ‘Wow” What a slap girl! Sure, he deserved it!’ he’d just watched a student by the name of Nate Armiger get knocked clean off his feet by a pretty lady with chestnut hair. Nate was one of those young men on a mission to have sex with as much of the student body as possible. Seemed he’d spectacularly failed to collect his latest captivating conquest.

Dale sipped his coke and dropped his eyes to his trainers. ‘Bugger this, I’m going home to study,’ He watched a pretty pair of crimson loafers walk up and stopped in front of his feet.

“Excuse me, handsome — I’m Hannah.” said a soft voice made harsh by shouting over the music. “ I couldn’t help noticing you always sit alone at these parties.”

Dale gulped, his eyes moved up her shapely legs and over the red and silver panels of her skater dress skirts. He liked the sparkly crimson belt at her waist and the sweetheart neckline of the bodice. The rose necklace was a good touch, set off her delicate rouge lips. ‘S-she called me handsome. She must be talking to someone else. I’m ugly with my stupid curly hair glasses and freckles.’  “H-Hi, Hannah. I’m Dale,” he managed as his gaze settled upon her pretty brown eyes, framed beautifully by her long auburn tresses.

“I know, I saw you getting an award for your science dioramas last semester.” Hannah gave a little smile. “So, why do you come here and sit alone, handsome?”

‘She called me handsome again! She does mean me. Oh, my, word – she’s hitting on me! I should resist, but her perfume is so nice — Behave damn it!’ Dale felt his body temperature rising, his face flushing. “I come with friends. They always abandon me. I was just going home actually.”

“Well, those are rotten friends.” Hannah looked over her shoulder as the song changed. She smiled and focused on Dale as she began to feel the music and move her body to the rhythm. “Pity, you’re going home.”         

“Why? No sense being here alone.” Dale said unable to take his eyes off her gyrating form. ‘I wish she wouldn’t move like that. She’s making me squirmy!

“Come on.” Hannah put out a hand. A charm bracelet tinkled at her wrist; she wore no rings but had matched her nails to her outfit.

‘Eh, what the hell – have fun.’ Dale took the hand with a smile. “Where are we going?” he asked, realising she was not taking him to the dance floor.

“You’ll see.” Hannah took him outside the venue. The music was still pretty loud out here. She crossed the little car park and stepped down onto the field which bordered the river. “This is better.”

“Better for what?” Dale asked glad to be away from the ear-ringing volume from the band.  

“It was too loud in there.” Hannah turned to face him, placing his free hand on her hip as she began to dance him over the grasses. “Is it worth coming to the party yet?”

Dale smiled as he turned circles beneath the stars. This was the first time he’d ever danced with a lady. “It’s definitely getting there.”

“Oh, good. You work so hard. You deserve to have some fun now and then.”

“How’d you know about my work?” Dale asked.

“Well for a start you’re always so engrossed in your studies that you don’t even recognise me from your classes. Hannah reached into the top of her dress and pulled some glasses out. Placing them on her face she gathered her hair into a ponytail and smiled.

“You-you’re, Hannah Grey.”

She nodded.

“Wow! I never you were – are … erm.” Dale smiled. “You look so beautiful out of the lab. I’m sorry I didn’t recognise you.”

Hannah released her hair and removed her glasses. “Thank you. Do you remember anything else now?”

Dale became thoughtful, remembering his classes, ‘I … she always draws hearts on the board when sharing thoughts and equations with the class. She always looks at me as she sits down. The …’ Dale snapped his eyes to hers. “The hearts I find on my desk some mornings … You put them there?”

Hannah stopped dancing and nodded. She brushed his cheeks with her soft hands as she removed his glasses. Then closing her eyes she brought her face close to him.

He momentarily moved his head away. ‘Shit! Now she’s going to lick my lungs out! Ah well, what the worst that can happen!’ Dale touched his lips to hers and felt a rush of blood which nearly knocked him off his feet.    

“Mmm, do you still want to go home?” Hannah asked with a sultry smile.

“Oh, yeah – very much.” Dale took her hand and wandered toward the river; dappled silver by the moonlight. “I have some scientific experiments to do. Will you help me?”

Hannah kissed him again, allowed him to twirl her into his arms. “I’ll happily be your test subject,” she said with a heart-fluttering wink.

The End.

Thanks for reading my friends. As always there are more stories to be enjoyed (I hope) in the Short Stories and Short Stories 2 tabs.

Have a great day!

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