Take a Deep Breath

‘The prompt word ‘Exhale’ from Sadje, reminded me of something my special sleuth Holly once told me. Being the head waitress in her mother’s restaurant and finding herself solving dangerous mysteries often leaves Holly in a crisis. Here’s the advice she gave me:
“When a crisis erupts – take a deep breath. One breath doesn’t achieve much. However, the two seconds it takes to breathe gives you a calm, clear and present mind to deal with anything.”

I wrote this poem for the following prompts.
Sadje’s What Do You See – Image credit;  Matt Barringer @ Unsplash
Your Daily Word — Later
Fandango’s One Word Challenge — Describe

Take a Deep Breath

Exhale those nerves
Release your fear
Your mind deserves
To be calm and clear

A deep breath will provide
Two moments to think
A proper chance to decide
Before you step into the brink

A rash decision on the brow
Always haunts you later
Observe the crisis now
And the outcome will be greater

A deep breath is key
Whenever chaos reigns
Keeping mind calm and free
Allowing you to take the reins

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A recent bank robbery. A saddened man. A coded message. Can they all be connected?
Young Sleuth Holly Ward is determined to help the man. It’s not long before she too comes under assault from a group of dangerous individuals. In the face of intimidation, abduction and even murder can Holly solve the clues and catch the criminals before she becomes the next Stolen Treasure?

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!

26 thoughts on “Take a Deep Breath

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    1. Hello, Hetty. How are you?

      That was very succinctly put. Freaking out causes you lose all control of the situation and destory’s the ability to think logically and solve problems – so yes don’t freak out until you calmly tried everything. Then if that fails feel free to blow up!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww, thank you so much. I hope you enjoy it.

        I’ve been drawn into carpentry thats the problem. I now spend much of my days cutting and nailing and painting. It’s fun but its not writing thats for sure.

        Liked by 1 person

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