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A True Writing Story

“A couple years ago I began using poetry to get the pain of failing in my writing out. It was a way to help process it and move on. As this year grows I find it’s time for a new poem as a way to catch up.”

I wrote this poem for the following prompts.
Ragtag Daily Prompt — Inimitable
Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge — The picture above from  GaudiLab at

A True Writing Story

My story edits came
An email of inimitable nightmare
I realise I bring writing to shame
There are red marks everywhere

The editor hates almost every word
They attacked every paragraph
My stomach hurts and my visions blurred
How do I survive this grammatical wrath

My heart breaks in two
I feel my dream beginning to rot
Tears of despair are flowing too
Maybe I should bin the bloody lot

Why did my tale get so much hate
I wrote it with all my heart
Maybe it’s not too late
Perhaps I can even restart

I mean my sleuth is just magic
Her mysteries are nail-biting
What makes it tragic
Is my useless writing

I disappointed my muse
Because you hated my tale
You blew a punctuational fuse
And caused me to fail

So, I had to walk away
To grow until my doubts recede
That was the only way
I could fight back and succeed

Now I sit and smile
As I regale in my sleuth’s pleasure
Come with us a while
Holly Ward’s Investigating her Stolen Treasure

Don’t forget Holly Ward investigates, Stolen Treasures is out on Amazon now!

A recent bank robbery. A saddened man. A coded message. Can they all be connected?
Young Sleuth Holly Ward is determined to help the man. It’s not long before she too comes under assault from a group of dangerous individuals. In the face of intimidation, abduction and even murder can Holly solve the clues and catch the criminals before she becomes the next Stolen Treasure?

Thanks for reading my friends.

There’s more in the Poetry CornerPoetry Nook, and the Short Story Collection

Have a great day!


20 thoughts on “A True Writing Story

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      1. I had two people read it one. One only got ten pages in and said it was too confusing, the other really enjoyed it, and told me to trust my instincts. But I’m just confused now

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      2. Damned beta readers! I had several read mine and by the time they were finished they told me they hated everything between them. Including my title! No kidding here in then first chapter between them they’d underlined most of every sentence.

        That book was Stolen Treasures the one I just released. I binned their suggestions because I couldn’t face writing a new story to please them. I did edit it a couple times more to the way I wanted it. Then a new editor had a look and aside from the usual grammar, punctuation and such she loved it.

        What I mean is – we can’t please everybody. All we can do is writ a story the best we can and ensure we love it. We do that and we will find an audience for it in time.

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