Widowmaker – Forest Warrior

“I must ask you all to take a stand. The world over men are working to destroy every tree on Earth. They are clear cutting millions of acres a day for money they cannot spend if they kill us all. We must rise against gold miners and loggers and force our governments to ban any and all forms of tree cutting. We must rise against TV channels like the Discover Channel. They aggrandize logging, gold hunting and more and make it seem a wonderful pursuit – never revealing the extent of the damage caused. Fight for Earth my friends!”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Wordle — Fireflies, Damp, Swirl, Caution, Liquor, Misplaced, Undressed, Penumbra, Breast, Smooth, Heat, Waves
Ragtag Daily Prompt — Elevate
FOWC with Fandango — Echo

Before you being reading Forest Warrior. Learn about the birth of the Widowmaker here.

Widowmaker – Forest Warrior

Her breast resonated with love as she curled her body around the old gnarled trunk of a chestnut tree.

The cedar forest is doomed. Enter Fireflies bar and listen. You must save it!

“I will my precious, tree.” Mylene smiled at the leafy canopy. “Trust me.”

After a day of sweltering heat; the night arrived cool and damp. A swirl of mist rose in waves around the decrepit bar on the edge of town. It’s neon sign on the verge of blinking out altogether.

Mylene entered the bar with an air of caution about her. A week ago; she’d never have visited such a dilapidated looking place. However, in death comes a new purpose. A rebirth from nature and a new deeper calling.

A wolf whistle greeted her. “Hey, darlin’ I hope you ain’t got a boyfriend. I got plans for you!”

Mylene flicked her auburn locks onto a shoulder and pulled her coat tighter as she ignored the drunken lout’s advances. Reaching the bar, she selected a stool with the least amount of holes in its cushioning.

The obese bartender nodded to her while pouring liquor with a very heavy hand.

She offered a smile as she placed a hand on the bartop. Made of oak, it connected with her. Through its fibres, Mylene was able to listen to every word said by people along its length. Each voice would echo from the wood and reverberate within her skull.

‘We got permission to clear cut all two hundred thousand acres of the cedar forest. There should be plenty of gold waiting beneath it.’

Mylene moved her gaze from person to person. Seeking the greedy scumbags choosing money over the survival of Earth.

‘Well done, Burt. I’ll begin tearing the trees down first thing in the morning. The forest will be gone by the end of the week.’

‘You will be paid well, Leroy. Don’t screw up!’

“Oh, Leroy doesn’t stand a chance!” Mylene glowered at two men, her eyes flashing forest green. One man stood dressed like a lumberjack in his plaid jacket. The other a shady-looking businessman wearing a cheap suit. “Time have a little fun.”

The following morning began with a solar eclipse. The planet darkened as it reached its penumbra stage.

Mylene smiled at the ring of fire as she undressed at the edge of the forest. She did not need human clothes here. Selecting a recognisable hawthorn, she stowed her clothes where they wouldn’t be misplaced.

Naked as nature intended, she entered the forest. With a deep breath, she touched the beautiful red trunks of the evergreen trees.

‘Please, save us,’ they whispered.

“Have no fear, the Widowmaker is here.” Mylene allowed her energy to merge with the forest. Her skin took on the smooth yet grooved, red-grey scaly appearance of the tree bark. Her eyes sparkled with the deep green of the chlorophyll pulsing through her veins as she became one with the forest.

The azalea and dog violet flowers seem to reach out toward her.

She caressed the smooth petals with her fingertips.

Vines curled about her toes as butterflies and birds began to follow. Even Mr squirrel and seemed to bow in her direction as he offered her his acorn.

“Thank you for the hug my beautiful, forest.” Mylene wrapped her body around the trunk of a pine tree succumbing to death by the look of its brown needles. “Be strong, my pretty. I must go and save you all now.”

The pine tree turned greener by the second until it looked tall and proud once more.

Smiling, Mylene began running.

Soon the sound of heavy machinery obliterated the natural, relaxing sounds of the woodland. Leroy and his band of evil tree cutters had entered the forest along an old lane.

Mylene seethed with deep-seated anger as she watched them preparing their machines. The sight of the great spinning blades of clearcutting rigs left her with the desire to vomit. Those machines mutilated and murdered beautiful trees without a shred of remorse.

“Alright, lads. Leave no tree standing!” Leroy ordered.

“It’s you who won’t be standing soon!” Mylene plunged her hands into the loamy soil. “Let’s go to work, forest!” Rising, she dashed through the Azalea’s, rhododendron and closed the gap.   

Beneath her toes, the forest was heeding her words.

Already, the nearest brushcutter was in trouble. Vines had begun to grow around its tank tracks. They borrowed up into the engine and began to anchor it to the forest floor.

“What the hell!” yelled a man jumping from the cab with an axe. He swung the blade toward the vines.

Mylene was faster. Tapping a tree trunk, she sent a branch slicing toward him. The limb of rough bark and needles smashed him in the face, knocking him unconscious.

“Something’s wrong here!” complained another of the loggers. His diabolical woodchipper’s engine had died. A great buddleia bush had sprouted thickly from the hopper.

Another man was seized by bracken ferns. They beat him lifeless and dumped him at the roadside.

“What the hell is this?” Leroy wanted to know.

“This is a message from the forest. You will not harm a single branch. You will not remove a single leaf, petal or pine needle. Pick up your fallen, and leave now. Ignore me and you will become mulch for the forest,”

Leroy’s turned circles searching for the owner of the feminine voice. It seemed to come from every tree all around him.

Mylene was crouched behind a spruce tree. Her hands massaged the root as she sent her words through it and into the other trees. By the power of inosculation, they had given her a new life. Now, she was wielding the same power to save them.

“We own this land. The forest will be destroyed!” Leroy yelled.

“Wrong answer!” Mylene closed her eyes, sending all of her energy into the trees.

The ground began to rumble. Every tree’s roots rising as one. The earth beneath the brush cutters shook and split as the roots began to elevate the demonic machines. One by one they were toppled. Roots and vines began snaring, crushing them. Then the roots receded dragging the machines underground as the forest restored itself over top.

Leroy cried out in a panic, “RUN!” He ordered as he legged it down the road.

The men began grabbing their fallen and running with him.

Mylene emerged from the forest in front of him. Like the prettiest tree wrapped in majestic blooms of morning glory, she barred his way.

“Waaa! What are you?” Leroy gaped as he stopped and began to back away.

His men stopped behind him, each looking terrified. “What do we do boss?”

“They call me the Widowmaker. Ensure, Burt heeds my warning. Should I be forced to defend this forest again —there will be no mercy!”

“You did this?” Leroy’s chest heaved with fury. “Kill her!”

Two men brandished axes and ran at her.

Mylene remained unmoving. She raised an arm and brought it straight down. A large branch answered her call, falling straight on the head of one of the men and bludgeoning him to the ground.

The other man reached her and swung his weapon with all his might.

Mylene swirled like a woodland mist beneath the blade. Her movements smooth and graceful she buried a woody punch into his jaw with knuckles of bark. Her beautiful auburn hair morphed into willow whips.

The man tried to kick her. He screamed as the forest was filled with sickening lashes.

Mylene’s hair had whipped every exposed piece of his flesh. Branches grew like tonfa in her hands. Twisting behind him she bludgeoned his knees from beneath him. A lightning strike to the jaw before he hit the ground, left him out cold. “Pick them up and be gone. Never let me see you in the forest again.”

“Let’s go!” ordered Leroy looking grey with defeat.

Mylene smiled as she melted into the forest. She felt sure she’d won this battle and yet to save Earth there would be many more to come.

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

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