“With such a remarkable collage of photos in todays prompts a story was easy to come by. Join me on a trip to the woods. Let us become absorbed in nature as we go on a flight of fantasy!”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie– Photo challenge — The picture above by – Natalia Drepina
Word of the Day Challenge — Borborygmus
Ragtag Daily Prompt — Widowmaker
Your Daily Word Prompt — Actual


The woodland lane was gilt with the golden leaves of autumn. Mylene smiled as the wheels of her blue-and-white bicycle kicked the leaves into the air. She loved to cycle here within nature. She spotted squirrels busying themselves in preparation for the coming winter. The last remaining greenfinches were packing up and preparing to return south. Yes, the woods were the place to be on an afternoon like this.

Mylene found herself singing as she pedalled along the serene stretch of tarmac. She grinned at the strikingly beautiful jay bird flapping past her. His squawking call harsh against the song of the robin watching from the branches above.

Making a right turn to stay within the woodland lanes, Mylene wrinkled her nose. The ditch must have run stagnant here. The overpowering stench of rotting leaves and festering water assaulted her nostrils. Sneezing, she increased her speed to get clear of the putrid ditches.

It was then for the first time she heard the engine of a car.

The Land Rover came up from behind. It never slowed as it pulled around her on the narrow lane.

Mylene felt forced onto the verge as it roared by an explosion of leaves. The danger only increased as she realised it was pulling a trailer.

Fishtailing behind the vehicle, the aluminium trailer struck the front wheel of her bike.

Mylene shrieked as her world went into a spin. She felt her body thunder through the foliage. The air was driven from her lungs as she slammed into the earth and tumbled head over heels into the ditch. Every part of her body was assaulted as she careened through bracken and finally slammed to a stop with the wet splat. It was then the darkness claimed her.

Immeasurable time passed.

Mylene awoke with a start, sucking in a great lungful of air. Her body gripped in a panic and wracked with pain. The serene sunlight of the relaxing day in the woods was gone. Replaced by the eerie silver glow of the moon.

“Ah … er…hargh … ahh!” She panted as she tried to catch a breath. Tried to calm down. Her nose told her she was surrounded by the rotting vegetation. She felt cold and vulnerable laying there.

Raising an arm, she held it within a silvery moonbeam. What she saw dragged a scream from her dry lips. A thin vine had entwined itself around her fingers and about her arm.

Her skin was crawling. She realised the forest was trying to consume her.

The vines had imprisoned her. The leafy tendrils had ensnared every part of the body.

“No!” Mylene tensed all her muscles and forced her body to break the binds. She felt him tighten and snap around her back and arms. Tearing herself free she battled into a sitting position. It was then she noticed.

Tears of shock stung her eyes as she realised her clothes were gone. The golden leaves of the forest were attached to her body. Bits of bark clung to her like scaly skin.

Grabbing at the leaves on her chest, left her skin burning. They weren’t stuck to her body they had become part of her

“H-ell —Help me!” she cried. A fresh wave of panic and rage took over, she began writhing, fighting with the vines and leaves on her body.

“Young lady, do not fight that which gives you salvation,” said a crystalline voice.

“What? Salvation — argh! — get me out of this!” Mylene clawed at the growth around her shoulder drawing green blood that trickled down her arm.

“Listen. You died when the Land Rover struck you. The trees and plants sensed goodness within you. By the power of inosculation, they connected to you and gave you new life.”

“No, that’s not possible!” Mylene cried. She looked about her but couldn’t see a soul within the dark trees.

“In actual fact, it is. Do you see the Ivy ring upon your finger?”

Mylene raised her hand to the moonlight and nodded. “I see it,” she said while feeling repulsed by the bark-like growths and vines still attached to her flesh.

“That is your connection to nature. Go ahead imagine something growing and point to the spot you’d like to see it.”

“Okay,” Mylene chose a daffodil as it was completely out of season. She thought about the yellow petals and pointed in front of her. She gasped as long green leaves and a stem rose from the brown earth. A yellow bulb appeared and opened into the most beautiful flower. “Incredible,” Mylene smiled for the first time.

“The nature of magic. Come and join me.”

Mylene looked upon her near-naked form within the vines and leaves. “I’m having a slight problem with nudity. Can you get me my clothes?”

“You do not need human clothes here. Use your magic.”

Mylene nodded and focused on her chest. She began to imagine how nature would cloth her. Her skin began to prickle as a warmth rose through her pores. Within moments, she was cloaked in a dress of those autumnal golden leaves. A willow crown appeared and complimented her auburn hair beautifully. “There, much better!” she said as she stood for the first time.

“Bravo!” the being applauding her.

Mylene turned a circle and finally found him. A being of no more than a foot tall, he looked like a living root wearing woven willow clothes. “Who are you?” She asked.

“Niflendanodil – Dil for short. I’m a spirit of the forest.” The little man snapped his fingers and vanished in the cloud of white moths.

Mylene watched a collection of spiders come together and reform into the little man once more. “That’s incredible!”

“You can do that. Well, with a little practice anyway.” Dil smiled at her as he shook with borborygmus. He farted with all the fragrance of swamp gas. “That however is a power I own alone,” he added with a chuckle.

“Thank goodness!” Mylene rolled her eyes, “So, I’m a spirit of the forest as well now?”

“Something like that,” Dil led her deeper into the woods. Within a friendly feeling clearing, he began to teach her the ways of the woods.

For hours and days, Mylene worked with him. Honing her new magic until she was able to wield it well. On the eighth day, she was able to remove all the leaves and bark from her body and stand in her naked human form once more. Despite feeling overexposed she smiled. “I finally did it!”

“You sure did!” Dil averting his eyes, smiled to himself. “Now, you will repay the trees. Go forth, princess of nature. Teach the humans to respect the forest.”

Mylene’s eyes sparkled with the green of the chlorophyll in her veins. “I will!”

“To those who fail to respect the forest. Show no mercy!” Dil’s voice deepened with power. “Let them feel your wrath, Widowmaker!”

The End

The Purple Wall Competition is over.

The result is undetermined. My votes were frozen Friday night. A number of people appear to have tried to defraud the system in order to try and make me win. They ultimately cost me a lot of votes and ruined the competition. The organisers are now having to go through all the votes to determine which are valid. A winner will be determined in the days to follow.

Although I have almost certainly lost; I am pleased to have made it to the final and wish to thank all those who supported me.

Thanks for reading my friends.

There’s more in the Poetry Corner, Poetry Nook, and the Short Story Collection

Have a great day!

37 thoughts on “Widowmaker

Add yours

    1. HI Shweta.

      Thank you so much. I might need a sequal on this one.

      Yeah, I’m not happy over the competition. I worked hard at that to win legally and now I look a fraud. Oh well at least I won through to the final.

      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I would love a sequel. It would be great to see the widowmaker in action.
        I know. It’s really unfair. But such is life. Don’t get disheartened. Do keep writing.
        It was a pleasure to read your story 😃

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Ok, when does the movie come out? And the sequel? This was an amazing tale!! The imagery, the magic, the… farting 😂 5 Stars, all the way!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi, Ruth.

        It’s a bitter pill to swallow that someone haxked the system to give me more votes, that people used false details to vote too. I feel dirty and I did nothing wrong.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Nobody was able to vote for me since Friday night because the hacker got me locked out.

        They reckon their security system has the details. So, hopefully they can use those to catch the fraudsters.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved this piece, from the beauty of nature, to the horror of death to a daughter of nature, to nature’s avenger. Light to dark to s devastator, well written — really love the arc of the show! …and god knows nature needs many avengers. I went totally lightless dark with mine— Hannibal Lector, Jame Gumb, Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails that kinda dark and deep.

    Liked by 1 person

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