Why I Write

I’d like to share a poem for the Ragtag Daily Prompt word — Write today. But first my personal writing journey so far in a few words.

“Writing has had many guises for me. At school I loved to write. I’d always hand in way more pages of a story than anyone else in class.
Years later as hardship and loss weighed heavily on my shoulders, I met Holly and wrote many mysteries with her. She rescued me by allowing me to spend time in her world. Writing then was for pure pleasure. I didn’t care about publishing, I was writing purely for me.
When I was nudged into publishing, I found that to be my biggest mistake. I discovered publishers exist as criminals working in broad daylight, editors seek only to make your story there’s and claim the glory for themselves. I learned nobody cares about your story unless you write it their way. Writing then became miserable as people destroyed my dreams of seeing Holly published.
I nearly gave up the lot but my friends wouldn’t let me. Now, I’m trying to return to the beginning and just writing for me and the pleasure of it – those are the only reasons now why I write.”

Why I Write

Morning, noon and night, I love to write

Come, I’ll show why I fill pages, once white 

It begins with my characters, talking in my head

They’re with me in the morning, in my dreams when I go to bed

You see, I have great imagination – I’m not mad 

In fact my characters make me smile, make me glad

The wonderful tales they tell, excite me, give me a thrill

So of to my desk I go, with a whim and a will

A plan I make, my character’s story starts to grow

Into their world I go, it is their life I must show

Vicariously I live through the eyes of my muses

They make me laugh, cry and mad- the ones with short fuses

My fingers move fast weaving words into magic tales

My mind moves faster, putting life into exhilarating sails

I get energised, invigorated by the stories I write

Mystery, romance, adventure and fantasies fill a page, once white

You see, while you dream of meeting that special one

I’ve already met mine, shared love and had fun

I know you wish for a big adventure, now and then

I have adventures every time I pick up my pen

My friends are my characters in a world where I have few

They don’t judge me, don’t mock me like real people do

That’s why you live one life, while I live at least three

Welcome to my world, that’s why I write you see

Like this poem? I have more in the Poetry Corner. why not come for a visit and read some more.

Thank you for reading, have a great day!

39 thoughts on “Why I Write

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  1. I have no writing experience but I have no doubt that what you say is true just based on fifty years of seeing how the world works. I think I will self-publish my poems (when I have enough of them). I am under no illusion that they will make me rich but I have to publish in a way that retains my freedom. I think doing it once might be a useful process to experience.

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    1. Hey, you do have writing experience. You write lots of good things on your WordPress.

      You will have a wonderful book of poetry there too. When the time is right and you move on to making that book. If I can help let me know.

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  2. Wow. Sorry to hear you’ve had such a bad experience with publishing, Mason. I’m not published, aside from one short story in a writers comp anthology but I have pitched my manuscript numerous times and my meetings with publishers and editors have been entirely positive. Don’t really know what else to say, except keep on writing for your own pleasure and try to put those negative experiences behind you. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Linda.
      Glad you found some nice publishers and editors. I hope they o you proud when the time comes.

      I’m pretty well where I started mentally now. I don’t care if I never publish another thing. I’m just writing because I love too now.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Linda. Have a nice weekend!


      1. I’m sorry you’re suffering the same way. As funny as it is theres no place for writers in the publishing world. Editors seek only to take money and make manuscripts theirs. Publishers dont care about authors only the money they can make.

        I hope one day you prove me wrong and publish your beautiful story and do well.

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      2. Understandable. I hope to take that leap at some point, but I don’t want to lose my passion. That scares me. So, for now, I’ll continue as I am, and see what the future holds. You are a very talented writer. Keep doing what you do, Mason 🙂

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      3. Thank you for saying that. I really appreciate it.

        I’m afraid I’ve what I’ll lose next. I lost a lot of money, a friend, my confidence. My mental health got very dark. Fate screamed ‘no publishing Holly for you’ and punished me every time I tried. Next time it may kill me. Publishing my mysteries is not worth my life so I cant try anymore.

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      4. Yes at least I can still enjoy writing and share it here.

        I healed to this point by saying I havent lost Holly. She’s still with me. The World lost their chance to know and enjoy her.


  3. The world of publishing is a rotten place. But we write for the nest of reasons. I too am hoping to self publish. Good luck Mason. You write brilliantly

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    1. No kidding. It needs more ombudsman to protect writers I think. Publishers can currently destroy authors and rob them blind and just get away with it. That needs to stop.

      I hope your publishing goes really well for you!

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      1. Thanks. Yes I guess it is the way of the world in general now though. I think it is scandalous. I have self published poetry books and just sold them locally. It went quite well but hard work!

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      2. Sadly so.

        Well done for getting out there and selling them. My biggest issue is funding. I can’t do anything to publish what I have, promote it or sell it without money behind me. So, I relied on help, and help screwed me instead.

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      3. Oh no!

        My hubby did my books. They didn’t cost too much to do and they just had laminated card for covers, spiral bound and a pic on the front from one of my photos. Being blind, I rely on hubby for doing a lot. But WP is good. It keeps me going anyway

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      4. I’m so glad you have a supportive husband.

        You’re doing so well with it this way. I can’t even imagine being blind. You’re amazing being able to still write your beautiful poetry and publish it like that. Well done!

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    1. Constant failure with my books has led me to quit as an Indie author. My books may never be published now but the experiences showed me that I write for the love not publishing. I’m glad you enjoyed my poem, thanks for visiting.

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