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Nobody’s Mistress

“I don’t very often stay into the dark corners of horror or the sexual corners of the world in my stories. I find them a little too disturbing and off-putting. Sometimes, however, it’s necessary to stray a little to satisfy a prompt. While this piece does … venture into those places, it is not – I hope – too vulgar but you have been warned.”

I wrote this Story in answer to the following prompts:
MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie. Photo Challenge 349 — The picture taken by Natalia Drepina
Your Daily Word Prompt — Woe
Three Things Challenge #475 – Mistress – Expectation – Anywhere
Fandango’s Flashback Friday

Nobody’s Mistress

Sadie was employed as a mistress. She worked for Madam Jekyll’s Bordello and was paid good money to serve her rich clients with maximum confidentiality. Sadie was a favourite among the mistresses being young and cute. Little did her clients know she came with a dark secret.

This evening she was under the employ of Elliott Rusk one of the richest men in the country. She’d come to know him as a typical wealthy, bigamist prick. He thought he owned everything he saw. Here he was, planning to bed a mistress in a seedy hotel when he had a suffering wife at home. What made him worse was his expectation; he thought he had the God-given right to call Sadie and have her meet him anywhere at any time of day or night to service him. That alone made her loathe him.

Elliott had bought an outfit with him tonight. He watched hungrily, salivating as she undressed and pulled on the small white lacy gown and gloves.

Sadie felt like a steak under his greedy gaze. He was yet to touch her, and she had the desire to shower his filth from her skin.

“Hmm, yes! You look divine. I’m going to enjoy this,” he drawled while working his crotch.

Sadie flicked him a smile and half-curtseyed. ‘I’ll enjoy this more than you,’ she told herself as her veins began to pulse with adrenaline born of a black hunger.

“Now, on the bed, Dolly! Kneel and take hold of the footboard bars.” Elliot Rose and removed his five grand a pair suit trousers.

“Yes, Master.” Sadie pounced onto the bed with a coy girliness about her. She assumed the position and steeled herself like a panther awaiting her prey.

 The bed creaked as the disgusting multimillionaire climbed on the bed. “Buckle up, Dolly. This is gonna be a hell of a ride.”

 Sadie listened to him moaning behind her, awaiting that first touch. ‘Oh, it’ll be a ride alright, but not the one you’re expecting!’ The sickly smell of his aftershave and sweat made her stomach churn. She felt him push close behind her. Her chest heaved with desire as he reached around and caressed her wrists against the bar.

“Ready, Dolly?” he moaned. “Doesn’t matter, I own you.”

She felt his hands groping her body but remained still. The millisecond Sadie felt him thrust toward her – she struck. Releasing her grip on the bar, she threw back her head. Her skull collapsed his nose with a sickening crack. Letting out a groan of enjoyment she allowed a sadistic smile to play across her face.

“Whad are you doing?” Elliot mumbled thickly.

“Oh, woe is me … I broke your poor nose, Master.” Sadie snickered as she kicked her legs from under her. Catching his head, she synched her thighs tight around his neck. She let out an almost demonic shriek, twisted her lithe body, and hurled him off the bed.

Elliott crashed into the dressing table, cracking the mirror and shattering wine glasses as he crumpled to the floor.

“Having fun yet, Master?” Sadie dropped from the bed, landing with all the lightness of a gymnast. Her dark expression was nothing short of terrifying.

“Please, Sadie relent. Tell me why you’re attacking me? I’m sure we can come to an arrangement. I am rich after all.” Elliot crawled to his knees bleeding all over his shirt.

Watching the wealthy man trembling brought a smirk into her face. “Pathetic man! People like you prevent women from being the pillars of strength they are. Times are changing, rich-man. You will no longer own us. We will own you!”  Sadie threw herself into a pirouette as she smashed him across the face with a fine spinning kick.

Elliott snapped back, cracking his head off the table and dropping to the carpet like a corpse.

Sadie tore off the disgusting lacy nightdress and gloves. She tossed them on the man and sneered at him. Had Elliott been coherent enough to gaze upon her naked body, he might have seen the symbol of the black eye with five-pointed lashes tattooed upon her shoulder blade.

By the time the rich man regained his senses, she was adorned in her black dinner dress. Elliott crawled to the bed and hauled himself to his feet like a drunken man. “I’ll have you arrested for—”

“Shut your mouth!” Sadie padded right in front of him with all the confidence of a prowling tiger. “Your money and authority will never get you out of this— goodbye, Elliott.”

“What you mean goodb-ahh!” His eyes bulged in agony.

Sadie had driven a knee deep into his groin.

He buckled forward crying like a baby.

With vicious precision, she crushed his throat with a devastating elbow. It took ten minutes for him to suffocate and she enjoyed every last one. Smiling at her handiwork, she gathered her handbag and left the hotel. She’d return to Madam Jekyll’s Bordello and await a new victim.

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!


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