The Macabre Caravan

“Medium Natalie and her paranormal investigator husband Larry have been telling me of a new investigation. Enjoy!”

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I wrote this story for the following prompt.
FOWC with Fandango – Macabre
Pensitivity’s Three Things Challenge — Mask – Screen – Tremble
Ragtag Daily Prompt — Myocarditis
Your Daily Word — Anguish

The Macabre Caravan

“Ok, husband. Where are you taking me  on this warm, sultry evening?” Natalie Dawson narrowed her eyes at Larry in the driver’s seat of their van.

“Unfortunately, nowhere romantic,” he replied.

Natalie chuckled. “Why am I not surprised? You always take me to macabre and terrifying places of a dark evening.”

“Well, you are the country’s best psychic medium and paranormal investigator,” Larry made a right turn. The van’s headlights illuminated bushes alongside arable fields now.

“I suppose that is a good excuse,” Natalie pulled her chestnut locks into a bun. She didn’t want any stray hairs brushing her bare shoulders during the investigation. A single strand of hair could easily make one think a ghost was nearby.

“It’s the only one I have.” Larry turned on to a farm track. He continued for maybe a hundred yards before coming to a stop alongside a weed-ridden fence. With the handbrake engaged, he leaned over and kissed her. “Ready?”

Natalie peered out of the window. The sun was almost set leaving the sky in ribbons of satin-pink to midnight-blue. Beyond the fenceline loomed a dilapidated caravan amid piles of farm rubbish. Shadowy barns and buildings grew out of the gloom behind. “Once again you succeeded in bringing me to one of the most-rotten dumps in the country, Mr Dawson.”

“Haha! Come on, the world’s creepiest caravan awaits.”

Natalie glanced back at the caravan, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“Never,” Larry alighted from the van with a chuckle.

Natalie followed him into the warm night air. She wrinkled her nose to the strong smell of manure. Beyond that, she had an instant feeling of being watched.

“Good evening,” said the young man wearing black trousers and a blue shirt approaching with a lady wearing a pinafore dress while carrying her baby son beside him. “Thank you for coming back, Larry. We were sure you’d think us crazy and never return.”

“Never we’re always here to help. Greg. Melissa, how are you all?” Larry replied shaking hands. “This is my wife, Natalie. Remember don’t tell her anything that’s been going on. It’s better that she goes in and discovers for herself.” That was why Larry always took ghost calls and visited ahead of Natalie and their vigil to take stock of what they’d need to investigate properly.

“We remember. It’s nice to meet a proper medium,” Melissa said.

Natalie felt a wariness from her increased by the tremble of her knees. “Hello, it’s nice to meet you too. Please, don’t be scared. We’ll find out what’s going on and make it better for you, I promise.”

“I hope you can. My father’s heart is worsening. He suffering a bout of myocarditis now. We need to get this corner cleared so we can move his motorhome in. But —”

“Don’t say any more. We’ll see what can be done for you,” Larry said having opened the back doors of the van.

“You won’t stir things up in there and make it worse, will you? I mean, I’ve heard and seen stories on TV where investigators provoke spirits and make the haunting more dangerous.”

Natalie shook her head, “Don’t worry. Whatever happens, we’ll stay here until peace reigns over your farm. Please, take your baby home and relax, okay.”

“Thank you,” Greg nodded to his wife and led the way back to the farmhouse.

“Right, so the previous owner of the caravan wants to keep it then?” Larry surmised while checking his tri-field metre was working. He pocketed an Ovilus device and REM pod as well.”

“Maybe, I don’t feel any psychic connections yet.” Natalie turned on one of the couple’s handheld cameras. “Let’s go poke our noses through the spiritual veil, shall we?”

“I’ll follow you.” Larry closed the doors and fell into step beside her.

“Always the gentleman.”

“Of course, only the best for me lovely—

“What happened?” Natalie caught her breath. She felt a change in the atmosphere. It was as if she’d walked into a room full of people out to kill her. Yet there was no one around.

Larry engaged the tri-field metre but it detected no disturbances in the magnetic fields. “I could have sworn the caravan windows glowed green for a second.”

“I didn’t see. I was looking the other way. There appears to be a male presence in the back window though. I can’t connect with him from here so I reckon he’s bound to the caravan. Hopefully, he’ll become chatty when we get in there.”

“And there’s me hoping we could do this one from outside,” Larry said with a theatrical shudder.

“Remember about you being a gentleman?”


“Go and open the caravan door and check it’s safe for me, will you?” Natalie gave a cheeky grin as she approached the rotting home on wheels.

The formerly white paint was a filthy green with festering mould.

“Ha, cheeky!” Larry chuckled and headed forward. “I wonder if spirits can see what things look like now, or whether they see things as they were when they died. I mean would you haunt this disgusting thing?”

A dull boom echoed from the caravan.

“Sounds like you hurt his feelings.” Natalie closed her eyes for a moment. ‘Come on, spirit. Come and tell me how to help you.’ she asked through her third eye. “That’s an interesting question. I’m sure, I’d rather haunt nice opulent palace either way.”

Larry nodded in agreement. He reached the caravan’s door handle and drew it open with a loud squeak.

 A wall of damp mustiness erupted from within. It set the Tri-field metre squealing in his hand.

“We have a large spike in the magnetic field now,” he reported.

Natalie focused her camera on the device. The needle was fluctuating to very high milligauss readings. “Good evening, I’m Natalie and this is Larry. We’ve come to speak with you. To help you if we can.” she said aloud.

An expletive yelled in a deep voice echoed in her mind.

“Why do I get the feeling we’re not welcome.” Larry breathed.

“Well, he just told me to ‘f’ off!’. So, that might be why.” Natalie sighed as she climbed into the caravan with a shiver. “It’s freezing in here! Listen, spirit. Were not afraid of you and we can’t leave. This caravan has got to go. We’re here to help you move on before your soul is crushed with the remains of this old holiday home.”

Larry followed her inside. “Let’s try the Ovilus.” Taking out a grey plastic device he set it going. “This device has a dictionary of words installed inside it. You can manipulate it to talk to us.”

By the remains of the yellow and brown soft furnishings, Natalie knew this was a 1970s caravan. She felt sorry for the dilapidated state of the little kitchen. The cabinet doors were hanging off and mice had taken up residence beneath a little two ring hob.

“Getting anything?” Larry asked. “Every hair on my body is standing on end.”

“Mine too.” Natalie entered the lounge area. “I feel this is a man in his late fifties. It seems he had a lot of wonderful holidays in here.”

‘Holiday – Fun – Anguish’ said the Ovilus as the words appeared on the screen.

“Thank you. What caused your anguish?” Larry asked.


“Your death caused you an —”

A loud static crackle stopped Natalie in her tracks.

She spun on her toes to discover an old black-and-white TV set buzzing on a shelf in the corner. The screen had come on and yet there was no way it had an electrical connection. “Yes, that’s it, sweetheart. Use the screen to communicate with us,” she urged while ensuring her camera caught the anomalous activity.

The snowy static continued to crackle on the screen. A pulsing behaviour began to affect it as something began to take shape.

“Erm, just so you know; the TVs cable is hanging around the back with no plug attached.” Larry pointed as he allowed Natalie to film the evidence.

“Fantastic!” She breathed. It was always nice to have evidence to back up her abilities. “Come on, show us.”

The shape in the snow on the screen moulded itself into a face. It appeared to be more of a mask than a face of human features.

“Who is this? Did masked men come and kill you?” Larry questioned.

Murder – Son – Anger,’ said the Ovilus.

“We’re so —” Natalie shrieked as the TV screen detonated into shards of glass before her. “Hey! We’re here to help, remember. Don’t be mad at us!”

“You okay?” Larry’s face was a picture of shock.

Natalie nodded, swallowed and took a breath to compose herself as she brushed the glass shards from her clothes. “I forgive you. Please, can you tell us when the figure murdered you and your son?”

The Ovilus remained quiet.

Larry edged around the room checking with his metre. “Where’s he gone?”

“Nowhere.” Natalie looked towards her right shoulder. “He’s running his fingers over my arms and back.”

“Hey! That’s my wife. We came to you with peace and respect. I demand you respect her in return for our help.” Larry said in a firm voice.

Sorry – Scratby – goodbye’

“It’s okay. You are forgiven.” Natalie smiled around the room. “Thank you for your information. We promise to help you now.”

“Sure we will,” Larry smiled too. He and Natalie investigated the caravan for a further couple of hours but the spirit remained in the shadows ensuring nothing more happened.

The following day while Larry was delivering his days’ parcels, Natalie went to work on researching what the spirit had told her. She soon discovered the murders of Barry and his ten-year-old son Maximilian Pyke. They died in nineteen seventy-seven after a masked burglar attacked their caravan with a carving knife. The robber left both dead had escaped with no more than ten pounds in cash.

Further research revealed that the robber had been caught when the knife was discovered missing from a nearby restaurant kitchen. He’d chosen the caravan to attack as it was the newest one on the site that day.

Armed with all the fresh information, Larry drove Natalie back to the farm. She brought Greg and Melissa into the caravan for a cleansing ceremony.

Larry laid printouts of newspaper clippings. He read each one so that the spirit of Barry could see and hear that justice has been served for his murder and that of his son.

Natalie then opened a spirit circle as she burned cleansing herbs and said a prayer for the Pyke family. She urged him to go to the light and rest in peace.

The following day Greg and his team of farmhands were finally able to remove the old caravan.  His father’s new caravan was finally able installed as peace returned to the beautiful farm.

The same evening Larry led Natalie into a restaurant. Just to prove he could drive her somewhere after dark that didn’t include ghosts.

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

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