Meet The Team!

This page was created to bring you into the world of Sleuth Holly Ward and help you meet those she shares her life with. Sadly with Holly’s stories now not being published it stands only to show you what could have been if those I entrusted to help hadn’t screw me over.

Even a fictional restaurant needs a team to run it. Learn about them and some of there friends, colleagues and family below. We’ll start at the top with the owner Carrie Ward.

Carrie Ward, is the owner of the Workhouse Restaurant. Carrie is the lady wearing the tailored suit with the Workhouse logo on the breast pocket. She has shiny black hair and blue eyes a shade darker than her daughter’s. Carrie Likes perfection in her restaurant and uses the power of accountability to get it. She is a grateful lady to her hard working team and not always pleased about her daughter Holly getting into mysteries!

Holly Ward, is the head waitress at the Workhouse Restaurant, and the Sleuth at the centre of the mysteries. She is Carrie’s daughter and noticed by her shiny black hair in its ruler straight ponytail and icy blue eyes. She is outwardly pretty and fit thanks to her footballer boyfriend. She loves to speak in an illiest manor to be cute or to show her anger. She has lily allergies and is a friend to all she meets; something that can be her biggest flaw. Being head waitress and sleuthy minded she is confident, calm in a crisis and ready for a challenge.


Tierney Williams (Tee to her friends.) is the youngest Waitress and is a Business law student at the Broadland University. She became friends with Holly aged nine when her mother Amanda became too ill with multiple Sclerosis to take her to school. Holly’s Mother Carrie took over the role and the two girls became as close as sisters. Tierney has chestnut hair that’s usually in a ponytail and hazel-green eyes. She ever efficient and has a burgeoning love for Tom bowman the restaurants resident pianist.

Melissa Chambers, is the teams Floridian Waitress. A single mother due to having a bigamist husband in America, she is forced to bring her daughter Marnie to work with her. Melissa is known as the Workhouse life saver, for although being a part timer, she is always ready to cover a shift where needed.

Karolina Zaluski, is a good waitress from Poznan in Poland. She loves Sala Balowa ballroom Dancing. She is a favourite to the restaurants male guests as she has a pretty figure, long blonde hair that is regularly in stunning plaits and pretty freckles. She has a strong accent but works hard to keep it sounding friendly, while working hard in the restaurant.

Katie Marie, the unusual waitress. She is a twenty four year old Goth who is estranged from her parents due to their drug dealing. Katie was forced into drugs too until DCI Derek Ward rescued her and her brother Kyle. He pointed her to the Workhouse where Holly interviewed and gave her a chance in the restaurant. Now Katie see’s it and the team, the home and family she never had. Katie is the shortest and roundest of the waitresses and will always have skulls and skeletons in her ears!


Timothy O’Brian, or Chef Tim, is the head chef and creator of the Workhouse Restaurant’s Menu alongside Carrie Ward. Tim is a tall, burly and fiery red head who always cooks wearing a silver chef’s coat and beret. He loves to let his team help create the daily specials and soup of the day on the menu. Tim is warm hearted and passionate about his kitchen. Be warned that means bad food, dirty fridges and slow service will make him shout! The culprit may end up in the freezer or waste bin outside too!

Felicity Laurent, is an ardent French chef and is Tim’s number two. Felicity works very hard beside Tim. She created the delicious apple and pear crumble they serve every day. She is blonde and loves the tanning booth when times allow.

Anders Forrester, is the team’s baker and lunch chef. He hand makes all the delicious rectangular cob rolls for the Workhouse burger, ciabattas for lunch and mini rolls for the soup. That’s all before serving lunch. Anders has always had a shaven head and is a muscular fellow thanks to being a gym lover. One things for sure a sack of potatoes is no problem for him to shift.

Harry Meyer, the kitchen porter and helping hand. Harry is the eldest member of the team. He is a former Police Detective who spent many years working with DCI Derek Ward. He was struck off after a criminal tried to kill him and got injured when Harry defended himself. Derek came to the rescue and got him the job. Harry has greying blonde hair, a storied, many times broken and roaming nose and busy eyebrows. He is known as the granddad of the team.


Dave Gormand, the head barman, Dave is a bit of a loner but he loves his job managing the Workhouse bar. Doing so with an ‘If it’s not clean, it’s shut!’ motto. He is an obsessive compulsive cleaner and will be found cleaning his already sparkling bar every day. He’s the one with the mousy, combed hair and glasses. He might be, being bossed about by Carrie Ward’s Mother Joanne from time to time too!

Masego Ndiye, barman and flair mixologist. Masego is originally from Bolobo in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and has travelled the world before settling in Broadland City. When Holly’s father left due to his drinking problems, Masego became a stand in father for her. He taught her Swahili and French as she grew up. Masego is the rich voiced, African fellow with the sharp soul spot beard and tight curling, short hair. He helped create the cocktails; Workhouse Slavedriver, Spike Margarita, William’s Toddy and Workshy Daiquiri too.

 Meet some more regular faces in the Workhouse Mysteries.

DCI Derek Ward, closing in on his retirement at sixty one years of age. He is a sharp detective and the reason his granddaughter Holly Ward is stepping into the world of detectives thanks to his nurturing. Derek is a handsome man with fading blonde hair and is married to his red haired, oftentimes nagging wife Joanne Ward. Derek works for the Broadland Police Force and has imprisoned a long list of criminals in his long career. He has a wicked temper when provoked and loves to call people ‘pillocks’ He called Holly a treasure when he held her the first time at her birth and has done so since.

He doesn’t catch criminals alone he has a crew of police officials and forensics scientists helping him. Those include, Techy Erica Lamb. Crime scene members, Elliot Brown and Matt Hemmingway, facial recognition expert, Shireen Shah, ballistics specialist Gary Thompson. There’s Derek’s boss balding Stanley Hughes and his protégée Officer Jake Klass. DCI Jim Nicholson shares Derek’s office and leaves it a tip. Sergeant Eddie Clark is a crime waiting to happen. Sergeant Jimmy Kiang idolises Derek and loves to work with him. Desk Sergeant June Tibbet goes way back with Derek and is a great friend to him too.

Samuel Reed, Holly Ward’s loving boyfriend. He is a professional footballer who owes his career to Holly’s healing heart. Samuel is a stylish young man with slightly spike brown hair and warm brown eyes. He has a huskiness about him too. The footballer is always beside Holly as she attempts to solve a crime. You can bet his team mates will be involved at times too!

Marnie Chambers, is the seven year old daughter of Melissa Chambers. She is often sat at the bar when her mum is working. She sits and does her homework and drawings under Masego’s watchful eye as Holly did as she grew up.

Tom Bowman, the fashionable and stylish Pianist. He fills the restaurant with beautiful, gentle music from the baby grand piano on stage. Although a growing love for Tierney Williams turns his music to serenades from time to time.

There are many more wonderful characters for you to meet in the world of the Workhouse Restaurant Mysteries. I hope you get to meet them all!

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