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Drinks Tonight?

This is my latest 250 word #ThursThreads tale. The prompt: 'does it matter?' This one is a little play on a Workhouse Mysteries event. The names though, are changed so as not to spoil the story, should fate allow me bring it to you at some point. Hope you like it. Drinks Tonight? Sarah finished... Continue Reading →

Lemon Posset, Shortbread

The perfect summer dessert. It's refreshingly lemony, deliciously creamy and fantastic with a few strawberries too. Lemon Posset is just one of many delicious dishes in my recipe book the Positivity Kitchen. Hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to take a look in the Food and Cocktails menu for more delicious ideas. Thank you for... Continue Reading →

The Positivity Kitchen

A collection of recipes, photography and short stories, blended together to brighten your day. I'm a little sad that I'm not able to announce the arrival of one of sleuth Holly's mysteries. However, I'm proud to present to you, my Positivity Kitchen. So, welcome to the Positivity kitchen. The aim of this book is to... Continue Reading →

Banana Tea Loaf

This a wonderfully versatile little recipe. Its a great way to use up those last couple of banana's. Or you can just as easily switch those out for cherries and coconut, or even some peeled and gently boiled apples and cinnamon for something a little different. This a great recipe for a lunch treat, a... Continue Reading →

Spring Mushroom Soufflé

A posh looking, super simple, lunch or starter dish. This light and delicious Soufflé can even be made a day ahead and finished to order in a few minutes. Making it perfect for dinner parties, or busy lives. Enjoy. Hope you find this a delicious dish. Find more recipes in the delectable Food and Cocktails... Continue Reading →

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