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Am I Becoming a Statue

This week’s What do you see prompt from Sadje is of a lady posing as a statue, (Image credit; Cottonbro studio @ Pexels. It struck me that life imitates a statue when it loses all momentum and meaning. Here’s a poem exploring that. What do you think?

Am I Becoming a Statue

I’m becoming cold stone
My dreams are stalling
Ambitions have flown
To live is no longer enthralling

Every day is colder
In a world I don’t belong
I’m becoming a boulder
Is this my swan song

Every day wasted garble
I struggle to exist
Slowly turning to marble
At least a stone can persist

A hermit self-jailed
Is this what I’m coming to
Simply freezing as I failed
Have I become a statue

Thanks for reading my friends.

There’s more in the Poetry CornerPoetry Nook, and the Short Story Collection

Have a great day!


52 thoughts on “Am I Becoming a Statue

Add yours

    1. Hello, Sadje!
      The image seemed to fit the mindset for the last few months.

      I’m doing okay though thanks. I always look at your prompt on a Monday. It was good to convince myself to write something.

      How are you?

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  1. I’m sorry to hear that. Writing isn’t an easy game, not if you want to make a living from it. But you have enormous talent. I always believed that – & this poem displays that starkly.

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    1. Maybe, I should just have been a poet. I just can’t write in a way that people want. I tried to write something tomorrow I can produce something worth reading for one, with tell of a really good published author. I managed to write a 45k first person story about a guitarist, and have it read like a 3rd person newspaper article. The author wanted it rewritten before she got passed the third paragraph.


  2. This is eloquent and has a pervasive darkness that makes it beautiful. It is a message that most of us get, deep down, in that place that we like to pretend isn’t really there, until it consumes us

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      1. I agree.
        Poetry is the most cathartic and emotional of writing methods. It oozes pain, or happiness. It punches philosophically, in so few words. Quite magic really.

        I like the sound of a kool kosher kitchen too!

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      2. Your description of poetry itself is actually quite poetic.

        She’s another blogger on here. You should check her out, I think you’d like how she weaves her blogs into recipes from the old country. Even if you are not interested in the particular dish she is describing, the way she weaves it is quite beautiful.

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      3. I have had my second success of the morning!!!

        I hope you enjoy it! Also, she is an amazing person in general. Much like Sadje, there is rarely a post that she does not read and comment on. Much like you and Sadje, I find that her comments to have a depth that is fairly rare; she will read and see you through the words in a way even you didn’t. It is not a constant thing, but there have been a few times where I had to go back and reread my own posts to see the message that she saw. She is, more often than not, completely accurate and even I missed it. Between the three of you, I’m always on my toes, and I love that.

        Oh, and Mason, if I didn’t say it before (it’s been a long week and I don’t remember half of it), welcome home. You said you took a little break because you’ve had it rough regarding your writing last year, but this is home for us both, even if we occasionally run screaming (would it be home if we didn’t??)
        Home: a place where we can be ourselves and just enjoy what we are doing; a place we can up and run from at will and come back and it is as though we never fled; a place that is equal parts a solace and a place where we find challenges (even if here they are daily/weekly/monthly posts and it doesn’t really matter if we take them on).
        Welcome home.

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      4. Congrats, on the success!

        She sounds wonderful as a critique. Looking forward to discovering her recipes.

        Aww thank you so much for the welcome.

        I did I wrote a 45k story about a guitarist to try and prove I was a good writer. The teacher I did it for showed me her ways and I tried to follow and improve. When I was done she never read passed the first paragraph before telling it me it needed rewriting. That crushed me out of writing for a while.

        Now I move forward forgetting publishing and just trying to enjoy writing again. As you say this is home and so I should be able to have fun here.

        Thanks again, my friend!

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      5. Mason, stop aiming to better your writing. Every time you do, you stifle yourself. It’s like you subconsciously pick the one person who will not like anything you put on paper. Just don’t waste your time. Do you. There is no right or wrong to writing, there is just the joy it brings you. Stop stressing over changing your writing to appease someone else. The only person you have to appease is your very own muse. It’s not perfect, but so what? Did you enjoy writing it? If so, it’s perfect. Let the characters talk to you and create their story. Stop caring if the sentence structure is perfection, no one is graphing it!

        It’s good to always strive to improve your writing. But you have to go about it better than you have been. Since I have met you, you have invited so many things into your life that have crushed you out of writing it’s insane (from outside looking in). This is just another one.

        I’ll tell you what. Instead of asking someone else to judge your writing, how about you judge it yourself? If you feel there is something to improve, then work to improve it through your writing. If you read something and see a style you want to try, try it. Grow that way. Learning and growing are a part of life, but you like to find people who think they know all and they have no room in their life for someone who is trying to learn. Stop worrying about them. If you want constructive criticism about your writing, ask for it in the post. If that might invite too much criticism for you to take, pop over to the blogs of writers you would like to review it, drop the link and ask them to. Learn that way.

        I’ve learned more from you challenging me to do random things than I ever did in a classroom, or with people who knew how to write. You weren’t telling me what I was doing wrong, you were seeing something that I was avoiding and you’d challenge me to face it head-on. That’s how you learn the most. Pushing into areas you’re not as familiar or comfortable with – oozing through the door and taking up as much of the room as possible. You’re learning as you grow to fill that room.

        Also, you have to take other things into consideration as well – like you, and your current needs. Currently, you keep seeking people to correct your writing based on their own styles. This has done nothing but wear you down to the point where quitting something you love is less painful than writing. You invite them to judge you, and when you fall short in their estimation, you shut down completely. Honestly, you are carrying the weight of their criticism with you, leaving something you love behind and they don’t remember the conversation. That is not helping you grow, it’s stagnating you. You can’t grow as a writer if you spend more time hiding from it than actually doing it. When you write just for you, or just to satisfy the prompts, you’re happier and you write more. What you don’t need is someone who will look at it and tell you that their way is better and to change it to fit their desires, but people who will read what you have and help you grow.

        What better place than here? I’ve scrolled through your comments more than once. There are several people who leave comments that you can use to challenge yourself. I have seen people say all sorts of things, and even the compliments that you so easily say “thanks” to and keep going are comments you can find a challenge in. Something like, “wow, the emotion is so raw I can feel the angst coming through in the words” can be taken as a challenge to write something more angsty, or equivalent with fewer words. More concisely angsty, if you will lol. You make the challenges that way, stretch, try, see. Honestly, I think that you would do well this way until you’ve healed.

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      6. As usual, you’re spot on with me.
        I need to stop worrying about other opinions and trying to improve or even worry about publishing or anything and just do me. Just write like I used to and have fun with it.
        That was I can heal and still enjoy writing again. Instead of essentially destroying myself everytime I try to better my situation.

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      7. There’s a difference between reading a normal sized email, and that lol
        You coulda just said “OMG, I’ll read half now and half tomorrow” lol
        I’m actually shocked you didn’t

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