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The Author Gave Me Words

“Hello, My friends. here is a poem about the experience of reading a book for the first time. Now, I’ve read books from the earliest age. The entrapment of those words is why I became a writer. I transition through different periods of writing. The worst trying to be published and losing the love. Now, I’m beyond publishing, I write at last for me and the magic is returning.”

“Do not write to publish – Write for the love and if publishing is your destiny it will take care of itself. “

The Author Gave Me Words

I bought a book today
The cover was my draw
Its blurb sounded okay
I liked what I saw

The contents made me frown
All the author gave were words
There was no picture, nor a sound
I expect more by thirds

Then I began to read
The story started to excite
Every word planted a seed
For my imagination to ignite

These covers contain a world
They hold a population of souls
A story ready to be unfurled
By words with miracle roles

The author is the magician
Their words open portals
For they have a mission
To entrap the minds of mortals

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!


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