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Writer’s Mind

My friends, I apologise for becoming the vanished one. The darkness took me when my book covers were called horrendous. My best efforts proclaimed useless and proven by lack of sales.

It’s not all gloom though. My time was taken by a new creativity. I have become a wood-crafter turning wood destined for the skip into beautiful planters, bird boxes, animal houses and bird tables. Most recently I began pyrography – the art of burning designs into wood. Something I’m finding quite positive. Here is my latest piece.

My work has stolen my time. Although I could answer prompts I no longer have time to read your special submissions. If I cannot read yours I find it wrong to publish mine that I know you will read. So, I chose instead to stop writing for prompts to avoid upsetting you.

Writer’s Mind

The writers mind

A universe within a brain

Stories of every kind

Growing like synaptic grain

The writer’s mind is magic

Full of characters as imaginary friends

Slightly insane but hardly tragic

For the writer, the story never ends

Thank you for reading my friends. Have a great day and don’t forget to visit the short stories pages for something fun to read!


25 thoughts on “Writer’s Mind

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  1. Mason–it is so good to see you here again! You are doing something wonderful. Pyrography–what a fabulous word. Ugh, that is bothersome that someone’s opinion killed your spirit, but you rose to the challenge–rose beautifully, I might add. Great words–Just Don’t Quit. You pivoted–gotta love that!

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    1. Hi, Lois. How are you?

      I pivoted into a new world of creativity. I take my wares to a Sunday market and make more money in one day than my books made in their entire existence. While writing successfully is impossible tha is to it being a rich persons game – woodcraft is very achievable and creates smiles too.

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    1. Hi, Ruth

      Just thought I better explain why I vanished. I don’t expect to write much anymore now I spend most of my time in the workshop.

      I guess WP remembers you used to read my posts and so chose to show you.

      Hope you are well?

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  2. Mason, I was wondering what happened to you, and I’m sorry about your book cover and book sales experience. It seems you’ve made a mid-course correction and have honed, if not discovered a new talent. Good for you, and all the best.

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    1. Hello, Fandango
      Picking up some tools for the first time this year has been a revelation. I didn’t know I could do such things.
      I miss writing with you but sometimes things have to change. Maybe I can return in the near future.

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    1. Hello, Hetty. Nice to see you.

      Well, the guy who made them did. Then quite a few others along the way when I started talking about them on FB.

      Because it’s me, whatever I do will never be good enough. I know this.

      Still at least those buying my woodwork seem happy with that.

      I hope you’re doing well.

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      1. Thanks, Hetty.
        Yup he came up with a second set of covers that were definitely worse too. I’m thinking the series will be taken off KDP soon. I doubt get anymore of it published now anyway. So, I’ll be better off removing the lot and seeing what the future holds.

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