Unavoidably Trapped

“A first-person tale – thank you, Fandango. Not something I do often. Let’s go make a mess of writing this one!”

I wrote this story for the following prompts.
Fandango’s Story Starter – First line of the story
Pensitivity’s Three Things Challenge — Particular – Sorry – Present
Word of the Day Challenge — Paresthesia – yup know this well. Two minutes kneeling and I have legs full of needles and pins!

Unavoidably Trapped

I heard a sound outside, so I turned on the front porch light, opened the front door, and…

I don’t know how long it’s been. At present, I’ve woken up in a pitch-black room. It’s freezing lying on the harsh concrete floor.

I remember opening the front door. Something pricking my neck and then nothing until now.

Rolling into a sitting position, a groan escapes my lips. My legs and feet are numb, now they explode with hot pins and needles. I suffer a lot with paraesthesia due to nerve damage I suffered as a kid. Waking up from untold hours on the floor only made this worse.

Staggering to my prickling feet, I find it impossible to get my bearings in the lightless space.

Through my uncontrollable shivers, I can tell I’m still wearing my pyjamas. Which means I have no phone to use as a torch or to call for help. A fat lot of good that would do anyway. The police can’t help you if even you don’t know where you are.

All I can do is hop about to dispel my paraesthesia and try to control the fears rising like bile in my chest.

Then I see it — A slither of light beneath the door. I’d missed the door in the darkness. Now I start toward it, only to flinch back.

The light moved.

A key clicks in the lock and it squeaks open.

My vision whites out in the sudden glare that bleaches the Rhodopsin in my eyes. I squint and panic as a shadow moves toward me. “Help! Don’t hurt me!” I manage in a dry whisper.

“Hey, you’re safe,” the voice is feminine. Warm and friendly and yet she can’t be if I’m her prisoner.

“Ugh – ahh, leave me alone!” My body shudders as I back away. Slamming into the wall, I’m now trapped.

“Shush, it’s okay,” she says brushing her fingers over my arm. “I’m sorry he got you.”

Flinching away, I blink fast and try to suck down my panic as my vision clears. She’s a cute blonde with sky blue plaits that match her eyes. Lowering my gaze, I see she’s wearing a short flower print dress that hugs her tight, curvy figure. Curiously, she’s barefoot too. Refocusing on her face, I feel a strong energy in her big eyes. “Who are you? Where am I?”

“Melody — This particular room is beneath an old mechanic’s garage. Not exactly five-star accommodation, is it?”

I feel myself smiling, “Not at all!” taking a deep breath, I realise I have so many questions. “Whose ‘he’ and why’d he abduct me?”

“He thinks I’m your girlfriend,” Melody’s cheeks redden.

I eye her pretty figure again. “I should be so lucky. So, he’s going to keep me prisoner to enjoy you himself?”

“He wishes,” Melody takes my shaking hand. Her gaze becoming harried, “Come on, we need run.”

“Wait!” I pull free of her grasp. “You’re dressed beautifully and beneath a garage. What’s going on?”

“Just, come on!” she urges, pulling my hand again.

I have no choice, I follow.

Running from the room, she locks the door again. “He forced me to date him tonight – hence the get-up. He brought the dress if you were wondering.

“Seems he has good taste,” I mumble as she hauls me up a flight of stone steps.

“Thanks – he’s a creepy, dangerous scumbag!” pushing through a red fire door. She leads me between racks of car parts – a storeroom.

“That, I gathered.” I let her pull me into another room. This time I come face to grill with a brand new Masserati. The champagne-coloured car perched on a mechanics ramp over a pit in the floor. “I see he’s rich too!”

“Again — he wishes!” Melody flashes me a smile and picks up a red can of petrol.

“What are you doing?” I baulk and back away.

“Teaching the controlling bastard a lesson,” Melody splashes the car and workbenches with the fuel. Withdrawing a kitchen knife, she reaches into the bonnet and stabs it deep into one of the lithium batteries. “Go — that way!”

Seeing a hail of blue sparks, I leap through another fire door. Melody cannons into me as a deep whoomph erupts from the building and fire alarms begin to blare. “Shit – oh, shit! What did you do?”

“I had fun.” Melody smiles with crotch-aching allure as she leads me to a soft-top jaguar in racing green.

I climb into the passenger’s seat as something explodes, sending flames crashing through the roof of the blazing building. Debris rains down around us.

Melody starts the car and screeches the tyres as she accelerates out of the car park.

“Where are we going?” I ask as we flash passed fire engines with sirens and lights blaring. “I hope you’re taking me home.”

She makes a turn onto the city ring road. “Well, I just drugged him into a coma, rescued you, and destroyed his beloved garage,” she changes gear and squeezes my trembling thigh. “The least you could do is show a lady a good time to say thanks.”

“I guess,” I manage not believing my ears as I watch the city passing by.

“Good, as partners in crime – what better place to garner some trust than in the bedroom, hey?”

Shock stabs me in the heart, “WHAT!?”

The End

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