A Peak into A Fantasy World

“What follows is not a full story but merely a small part of a mindblowing saga. What if I told you a secret wizard’s world lies within reach beyond a mighty wall. A world in danger of spilling its evil into ours. Triskalonia is such a place. For there the Nargar snake people and the Bodach Alfar have joined forces to destroy not one but two worlds. Only the purest heroines and heroes can save us all.

Read on for a snippet – would you like to read the whole story?

I share this snippet as it includes these three prompts;
Ragtag Daily Prompt — People
Your Daily Word — Barrage
Fandango’s One Word Challenge — Nasty

A Peak into A Fantasy World

Sylvester had sprinted off the training field into the woods. The second he was out of sight he raised a hand above his head and said ‘Staff of Triskalonia, serve me now!’ In a flash of rainbow colours, the staff appeared in his hand. He brought it round in an arc and into his chest. “To Balanas,” he whispered. He disappeared in a cloud of rainbow light only to reappear in one of the towers on the great wall moments later. He walked straight out onto the wall in search of the Captain. Golan Balanas was beyond the towers catapult, looking grim as he watched hoards of creatures approach the wall. They were less than two hundred yards away.

“Golan, my friend, what befalls us this fine morning?” Sylvester ran across the battlements to him fearing the worst.

“Sylvester, I’m afraid we have a problem. Those nasty, scaly hides coming at us are Nargar Gecko warriors.” Golan pointed at them with his sword. “I was forced to ring the alarm bells and summon every available member of the Triskalonian army to their strategic defensive positions along the entire three miles of wall. We are under the largest attack we’ve seen for years.”

“This is really not good. Time grows short to save the city.” Sylvester’s face darkened with worry. “How are we faring?” 

“I’ve sent instruction along the ranks of troops that Nargar Geckos are attacking. I hope we can repel them this time.” Golan nodded to a battalion of swordsmen running toward the area the Gecko were attacking.

The Gecko warriors warranted a full-scale alarm for they were a serious threat to the city. Whereas normal Nargar snakemen and Bodachs required ladders and ropes to siege the walls, the Gecko didn’t. The Nargar Geckos looked exactly like a normal snakemen; bald, scaly-skinned and very muscular in the arms and legs. They still wore the same snakeskin armour and used the same Cobra scythe weapons. The difference came with the specialised gloves and boots that they wore. Just like the feet of their reptilian counterparts they had millions of microscopic grooves called, setae, on the surface. Those setae glued the owner of the gloves and boots to any surface and rendered the city defensive walls no object. They could simply climb straight over it and attack the city with ease.

Sylvester flexed his muscles in readiness to battle. “I will use my magic to help repel them fri—”

“HERE THEY COME PEOPLE – STAND YOUR GROUND AND TAKE THEM DOWN!” Golan bellowed. At his call, the archers turned the skies black as they began firing arrows in unison. The barrage laying waste to hoards of the Geckos, dropping them dead in their tracks. Rhythmic thumping echoed along the wall as the mangonel-like catapults sprang into life, launching boulders and rock clusters out over the wall; felling more enemy but not enough. They were already scaling the walls.

“Prepare yourselves, soldiers!” Sylvester warned.

“Here they come! Swords, hammers, and axes ready!” Golan roared again, his commands carried down the wall by his generals. Below him, the Geckos were advancing up the wall to the battlements at an alarming rate.

Sylvester leaned between the merlons to look down at his foe. He saw at least twelve Geckos advancing up the wall directly below him.“Time for a little obstacle for our climbers, I think.” Sylvester raised the staff and pointed to the wall. “PARIES UNDACADO!” His shout caused a turquoise flash to erupt out of the staff and vanish into the stonework.

The wall for eight hundred yards in both directions turned blue. Water began to cascade like enormous waterfalls upon the climbing Geckos. Many were immediately scythed off; others followed suit soon after.

Elsewhere along the wall, a vicious fight erupted. The Geckos had reached the top of the wall and launched their scathing attack. They fared badly from the beginning, having emerged onto the battlements straight into the waiting blades and axes of the Triskalonian army. Each soldier spared them no mercy for attacking their beloved city. Every Gecko was cut down and hurled to their deaths.

“Rejoice my friends! They fall like ants under a boot!” Elias roared as he kicked a Gecko from his sword and watched him tumble over the wall.

“A damned good thing, my prince!” replied a soldier disposing of two more at once. It was then something went BANG! Well, not bang – it was more like a wood-splintering crash.                                 

“Golan, we’ve got a problem, mate!” Two archers ran up to him, looking terrified.

“Really?” Golan hurled another Gecko off the wall before slaying a second. “And I thought we were going to have a bloody picnic on the battlements!”

“Ha! Indeed!” utter one archer between losing arrows into enemies.

“Well? Speak up!”

“Erm … The gates have gone!”

“What do you mean, the bloody gates have gone?” Golan looked slightly demented as a fear gripped his chest.

“Four Bodach Spectres just bashed straight through it.”

“Ah, bloody hell! I need any spare garrisons to the gate NOW!” Golan roared, just as Sylvester and Elias streaked by. They were already heading for the gate followed by dozens of soldiers rallying for their city.

“Golan, let’s go, friend! We can crush ‘em easily if we’ve got the weight of numbers,” Sylvester called without stopping.

“You heard him, men – FOR TRISKALONIA!”

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