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Stomach Upset

“I’m sorry my friends, today’s piece has really gone down the pan!”

I wrote this poem in answer to the following prompts:
Your Daily Word prompt – Mercurial
Ragtag Daily Prompt – Tempting
Fandango’s One-Word Challenge – Relax
Pensitivity’s three things Challenge — Fancy – Shoddy – Lied

Stomach Upset

As much as it was tempting
Tim didn’t want fancy food
It just wasn’t worth attempting
With a stomach shoddy and rude

His wife asked if he was alright
With a nod of his head, he lied
Then set the toilet alight
He was sure the next user died

With his stomach rolling and burning
His belly struck a mercurial position
Going from uncomfortable to churning
Before unleashing another toxic emission

A painful fortnight would pass
Before he could finally relax
From the agony in his stomach and arse
However, he’d become butt of many wisecracks

He learned a valuable lesson that year
Always check the use-by date
Drinking a dodgy old beer
Leaves you in a terrible state

Thanks for reading my friends.

There’s more in the Poetry CornerPoetry Nook, and the Short Story Collection

Have a great day!


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