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Serendipity Mews

“I’m not much of a believer of serendipity. I believe fate has our lives laid out from birth. Fate makes people like me fail in a repeated circle while allowing others to succeed. It’s no use fighting only by going with the flow can we find happiness. Here is fate disguised as serendipity at work – enjoy!”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
FOWC with Fandango — Preference
Your Daily Word Prompt — Serendipity
Ragtag Daily Prompt— Kitties
I reshare it one year later of Fandango’s FlashBack Friday.

Serendipity Mews

Flash of green in the ditch; a colour so unnatural in the dead of winter. Indy saw it again in the rear-view mirror. A car had definitely crashed into the ditch. It wasn’t surprising really, what with the sharp frost and foggy conditions this morning.

“This is going to make me late for work!” Indy grumbled. She was a clerk at an architect’s office. Not a bad job for an eighteen-year-old, but boy was it boring! She pulled over, flicked the hazard lights on, and alighted from her car. Pulling on a Hi-Viz vest and boots she kept in the boot, she headed back along the road to the stricken vehicle.

Almost on its side in the ditch, was an estate car with darkened rear windows. Its engine was still running and the windscreen was shattered. Gouges in the earth showed it had traveled a fair way along the field drainage system before becoming stuck.

Indy climbed down and peered through the windows. There was a man slumped in the driving seat and several cages in the back. That was enough for Indy to make a call to emergency services. With them on the way she levered the passenger’s door open. At once the unmistakable smell of cats assailed her nostrils. She could hear mewing in the back too.

“Good morning, lovely. You chose a bad place to park but don’t worry helps on the way,” Indy could see the driver had suffered injuries to his arms and face thanks to the airbag and broken glass everywhere. There was no telling what other injuries he’d suffered. She knew he’d have to stay where he was until help arrived. If she tried to free him, she’d injure him further maybe fatally.

At her touch the driver roused. “Tha-nk yo-u. Sa-ve the cats,” he managed before passing out again.

“Hang in there, okay. Everything’s gonna be fine.” Indy gulped back a little fear. She was sure he had internal injuries now.

Reaching over him, she turned the ignition off. Looking over the seats she was amazed to see the back was almost full of cages. Each was home to at least one cat or kitten. “Hey, kitties. I’ll make sure you’re all okay too. I promise.” Despite a lump in her throat, Indy smiled, she always had a preference for cats over dogs. Was this serendipity then, that she’d come across the crashed car? She didn’t know but was going to do all she could do to help all of its occupants.

Taking the keys, she extracted herself from the car and clambered around the back. With some difficulty, she managed to unlock and force the boot lid open. By the time the police, paramedics, and a fire engine arrived, she’d lined-up fifteen cages on the verge and counted eleven adult cats and fourteen kittens of various young ages. All of them seemed neglected and filthy. Some had minor injuries from the crash but mercifully they were all doing reasonably well.

“Morning. Were they all in the car?” asked a police officer.

“Yes, I couldn’t get the driver out. I promise to look after his kitties and so I’ve gotten them out to safety.” Indy frowned, “I don’t know what I should do with them now, though.”

The officer tickled a kitten through the cage, “I hope I don’t have to arrest them for dangerous driving. I don’t have handcuffs or cells small enough.”

Indy grinned at the joke. Her smile vanished quickly as the stress of the situation took over. It was miraculous watching the rescue team cutting part of the car away and freeing the driver. Within ten minutes, he was out of the car and in the back of the ambulance receiving treatment. Then with him on his way to the hospital, everybody began to leave the scene.

“Good luck with the cats,” said the officer with a cheery wave before he drove away.

With him gone, Indy was alone with the twenty-five cats, a destroyed car, and a couple of crash scene investigators.

“You should go, love,” called one of the men photographing the ditch.

“I would if I could. But I can’t leave the cats here. The RSPCA told me they can’t send anybody, they’re too busy.” Indy wiped her eyes, “That means if I go, these poor kitties die here at the side of the road. I won’t let that happen!”

 The investigator shook his head, “That’s a terrible situation. There must be something that—”

Indy stormed past him back to the wrecked car. The fire brigade had cut the roof and most of the driver side panels away to extract the driver. She leaned inside and began searching for clues.

“Love, you can’t be in there. You might be contaminating evidence,” remarked the investigator putting a hand on her shoulder.

“My name’s Indy — not love! And this was a crash, not a murder. There has to be something in this car to do with the cats. Something, that’ll tell me where he was taking them.” Indy gave him a pleading look, “If I can find that, the cats have a chance. Don’t you see?”

The investigator smiled and nodded. “That’s the way, lo-Indy. We didn’t see you breaking the law,” he told her with a wink  

“Thank you.” Indy returned her focus to the car. A poke around revealed a sheaf of papers in the passenger’s footwell. “So, you’re Adam Clements and you’re taking the cats to the Four Paws sanctuary which —” Indy gasped. This was a court-authorized seizure notice for the cats. Adam owned the sanctuary and had rescued the cats from a hoarder house only for them to need rescuing again. It was so terrible it left her close to tears.

With an address in hand, Indy’s resolve to help the cats and Adam tightened. She flattened the seats in her car and loaded all the cats inside. She was forced to transfer a couple of the cats into occupied cages to make them fit but she was able to drive away with all twenty-five cats.

Thirty minutes later, Indy arrived at the sanctuary with her new feline friends.

A concerned-looking lady was bottle feeding a puppy at the gate. “I’m sorry, we’re closed today.”

“Hi, my name’s Indy. My car’s full of cats. Adam Clements was bringing them here. I’m afraid he had a car crash on the way.”

“Oh, no! I knew something bad happened!” the lady almost dropped the puppy as grief set in.

“It’ll be okay. Adam’s in hospital by now and getting treatment. I’m hopeful, he’ll recover in time.” Indy hugged her. “Can I bring the cats inside?”

“Oh — I er yes please do. I’m Tanya, Adam’s my husband. We run the sanctuary alone. I can’t be with him and look after the cats at the same time. Ooh, don’t know what to do!”

Indy opened her mouth to speak. Her phone rang instead. She instinctively knew it was her boss wondering where she was, and so answered it. “Yes, Paul. I came upon a car crash. I’m trying to rescue some cats that were —”

“Cats! Bugger the cats, I need you at work!”  

Indy felt her ire rising as she looked at Tanya still fretting with her puppy. “I won’t be coming in at least this morning – maybe not at all today. I’m sorry, Paul.”

“Then you’ll fail your deadline. I can’t allow that.”

“Some things are more important than work, Paul. I’ll catch up tomorrow.”

“No, you either get in within the next thirty minutes or you’re fired!” Paul bellowed down the phone.

“Fine! I quit!” Indy scowled at and pocketed her phone with a smile at Tanya. “Need an assistant?”

“I can’t believe you just did that!” Tanya looked stunned.

“Neither can I! I should have done that weeks ago.” Indy chuckled. “Right, show me where the cats go and I’ll take care of them. You get to Adam’s side and I’ll be here until you get back,” she instructed.

Tanya hugged her again. “You’re wonderful. Thank you.”

Indy was soon in full swing at the sanctuary. She had a vet check the cats as she got them comfortable in cages. The other fifteen dogs, cats, rabbits, and the grumpy llama, she ensured were fed and happy. She saw to the dog’s needs and spent the day enjoying herself with the animals. By the time Tanya returned that evening, Indy was tired but happy. “How’s, Adam?” she asked.

“He’s awake following surgery to remove his spleen. He’ll be fine in a few days, they reckon.” Tanya looked at all the new arrivals and checked her sanctuary. “Name tags filled in, cats all clean, fed, and watered. Fresh litter in all cages. You’ve done us proud in here.”

“I walked all the dogs this afternoon too. Everybody should be happy until tomorrow.” Indy replied. “I’m glad Adam’s going to be alright.”

“Thank you, Indy. It seems the only one not alright is you. I mean, you haven’t got a job because you were a kind and wonderful young lady helping us today.” Tanya led the way to her kitchen and prepared tea, soup, and rolls for them both. “I won’t stand for it, you know,” she said while stirring her soup.

“What?” Indy asked sitting at the table with her tea.

“You losing your job like that. Neither will Adam. I told him what happened. He and I have been planning to hire a sanctuary assistant and manager for a while. We’d love that person to be you.” Tanya put a bowl before Indy and smiled. “What do you think?”

“It’s been a day of kitties and serendipity which led to you offering me the perfect job,” Indy sighed as she enjoyed the rich vegetable soup. “You know what, my preference was never to work in a boring office anyway. I accept and thank you so much!”

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

There’s more in the Poetry CornerPoetry Nook, and the Short Story Collection

Have a great day!


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    1. Hello nightlake. That’s my quote based on my life thus far.

      The prompts are by various WordPress websites. If you click on the name by each prompt word it’ll take you to the prompt page. They do new prompts each day.


      1. Your stories are lovely and they have been published in the Best of CafeLit. That is in no way ‘failed’. I am sure many people do enjoy them. Writing is indeed a lonely job, often fruitless. Hope you get the success you long for.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sorry to hear that. That was a tremendous effort. Hope more and more of your short stories get published. If that happens, your novels will have a better chance of getting noticed.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thank you, my friend.

        I’m not sure I’ll even try to publish my novels again. I don’t feel like tempting fate to screw me again by trying again.

        I’m just glad to be able to write in an enjoyable way and get a few likes along the way now.

        Liked by 1 person

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