Cerebral Palace

“Many years ago I suffered an incident with a lorry that left me needing neck surgery. I learned a technique then to cope and I’ve been using it again lately. Here it is:
Sit or lie down comfortably and take calm, deep breaths until you feel relaxed.
Visualize your mind as a large palace, castle, building with lots of rooms. One you either know well or can imagine well.
In your mind, walk to one of the rooms and unlock the door. Enter and choose a chest, cupboard, or drawer. Unlock that and place all your fears, worries, and negativity inside.
Lock the vestibule of darkness, leave and lock the room. See all those things in a place that can no longer affect you.
Now, walk through your Cerebral palace to another room far away. It’s unlocked and filled with all the things that make feel safe and happy. Visualize all of those things. Then open your eyes and seize the day. You can do this technique as often as you need to cope.”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
Ragtag Daily Prompt — Worry
Fandango’s One-Word Challenge – Palace
Your Daily Word – Reticent

Cerebral Palace

In a world of pain and stress
It’s okay to be reticent
We’re all under duress
Suffering our individual torment

Everything seems to cause worry
Each news report intimidates and scares
Earths become a nightmare curry
Even now I feel those fears

There is a way to breathe and cope
By creating your cerebral palace
A place of tranquillity and hope
The regal home of warmth and solace

Go there now and meditate
Turn on that positive light
Let go of the darkness and hate
One day everything will be alright

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!

38 thoughts on “Cerebral Palace

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      1. Oh I get that. Believe me I do. But for Halloween, always use that stuff to your advantage. It helps make you feel a little more normal, if that makes sense. I, myself, have been lucky I never had any surgery (unless you count laughing gas and the ripping out of my wisdom teeth). But a friend of mine had gotten burned a little bit on her face from something when she was a kid. She was always embarrassed and felt like everyone looked at her like a monster. She hid in Halloween not to scare kids. So I decided we would scare the adults. I helped her dress up. She dressed up as Freddy Kruger using her scars to her advantage. Even played them up a bit with some makeup. The she went door to door with me knocking and instead of asking for candy she introduced herself to her neighbors (they knew her forever but this was the way to reintroduce her with her new face). Mostly they loved it (one woman screamed and slammed the door in her face). After that they were all ok with her. Except the lady that screamed – she was extra friendly. She had just watched those movies the night before and then couldn’t sleep. When she saw my friend she thought she had dozed off 😂 once she realized it wasn’t the real Freddy come to kill her in her dreams, she was the same sweet lady she had always been, but just a little extra for a while because she was just that relieved it was my friend and not her demise that knocked on the door.

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      2. Yes. And it settled down the stares because everyone got to see it because she wasn’t hiding it that night. And because we played it up just a little to make it look a bit worse and more horroresque, when they saw her in real life it wasn’t as shocking.

        Sometimes, there is a method to my general madness LOL

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