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The Purse-Snatcher

“These days, most theives are professionals. They watch and wait for someone to have what they need. Then they use distraction techniques and violence, often in gangs to steal it away. Protect yourself – never show that valuable phone or watch in public. Never use street-side ATMs and keep your money out of sight too.”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
Ragtag Daily Prompt — Pocket
Fandango’s One-Word Challenge – Intimidate
Pensitivity’s three things Challenge — Rough– Stool – Flex

The Purse-Snatcher

Anna put her purse away and stepped away from the ATM. With a flex of her arm, she settled her handbag across the shoulders of her lilac peacoat. Smiling at a beguiling gentleman moving to use the machine, she walked away.

She hadn’t gone far before a rough hand slammed into her lower back and forced her into an alley.

“Don’t fight me. You’ll regret it!” said a male voice.

Anna spun on him, “Let me go!” She demanded as aggressively as possible although a tremble in her voice revealed her true fears. She was surprised at who she saw.

Here was a man dressed in a nice black coat over blue trousers, shirt and tie. Even his hair was nicely combed. All indications of a well-kept man who shouldn’t be mugging people. The truth was hiding in the smaller details. Bloodshot, unfocused eyes, trembling hands.

“I saw you take a wad of cash from the bank machine.” The man grated his teeth together, “Give it to me.”

“Go and earn your own money, creep!” Anna felt her heart pounding. Despite her feet telling her to try and run, she wasn’t going to let him intimidate her.

“Give it to me, now!” The man lunged and shoved her backwards into the wall. An old stool clanged against the rolltop bins and clattered to the concrete.

Anna rebounded from the brickwork with a flare of anger glinting in her eyes, “Don’t you dare touch me again!”

“Maybe, I’ll slash you instead then!” The man drew a black flick knife from his pocket. “Now, give me that money!”

“You do realise, forcing people to pay for your drugs is not helping you.” Anna jinked away from him, buying herself some space in the alley.

“What I do with the money is my business. Give it to me, before you die over it!” the man lunged.

Anna shrieked and tried to avoid him.

He was fast. Catching his black shoe between her pink heels.

Unable to stop herself, Anna plunged into a pile of rubbish bags. Several rats scurried away as she floundered in the stinking heap.

Seizing an ankle, he pulled her out of the trash. “Gotcha!” He grinned as he used his knees to pin her arms to the floor.

“Ahh!” Anna writhed against him but he was too strong. “Please, just let me go!”

“I will. When I’m ready!” he sneered as she squeezed a hand over her throat long enough to choke her before letting go. “You were pretty one, you know that?”

“Alright — the money is in —my purse — in the top of my ba…,” Anna wheezed. Her voice faded into a coughing fit.

“Thank you.” The man sliced through the handbag strap with his knife and tore it away from her.

“Now, leave me alone!” Anna locked eyes with him; hers blue and full of desperation. His brown and cold as stainless steel.

“Maybe I want more from you,” he smiled and moved his head toward her. “Maybe I want you t-arrgh!”

He tried to kiss, Anna. She’d been ready for that, snapping her neck muscles into action, she caught his nose with a sickening head-butt.

In an explosion of screamed obscenities and a spray of blood, he snapped away from her. “I’ll kill you for that!”

“You stole my money. Now leave me alone!” Anna yelled having climbed back to her feet.

His nose was leaking over his coat and shirt now. He looked between her and the stolen handbag with a dazed expression.

Anna stayed silent, realising he was making a decision.

“Yeah, money. I … “He turned and ran down the alley.

Anna took a deep breath and closed her eyes to regain her composure. She smiled as the receding footsteps came to an abrupt stop. Listening, she heard a sharp snap and a scream of pain.

Not waiting for what came next, Anna fled the alley and took her phone from her pocket. She called the police on her way home. They would hopefully find and arrest her attacker.

Once she was safely home and behind her locked door, she took off her coat. Inside the sleeve, was her real purse and money.

Anna smiled at her deviousness at the ATM earlier. She knew thieves always watched for people making large withdrawals. For that reason, she always had two identical purses. Staying close to the bank machine, she’d hold both together creating the illusion of a single purse.

She’d complete the transaction and secrete her money and card in one purse. With a little sleight of hand, it would go inside her sleeve as the other visibly entered her handbag.

When the thief stole her handbag, he got away with a pack of sanitary towels, lipstick, and a pair of gloves. Of course, the other purse there with a surprise too. It was rigged with a rat trap mechanism, ensuring Anna had the last laugh.

Her story made the news when the thief was apprehended with three broken fingers. She hoped it would become a cautionary tale to would-be thieves in the future.

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

There’s more in the Poetry CornerPoetry Nook, and the Short Story Collection

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27 thoughts on “The Purse-Snatcher

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  1. Good story Mason. Reminds me of an old lady who used to carry a brick in her handbag in case she was mugged. Another lady was robbed of her bottle of cider on her way out. She had the last laugh as the cider bottle was the only one she’d had to take a full day’s urine specimen to the doctor’s surgery!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. for sure. Good on them for fighting back. I’ve said for a while all girls should learn self-defence in gym class at school. By the time they become oldr ladies they will all be a lot safer than they are now.


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