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Changing Mindset

“There’s no doubt about it, as a writer finding success is tough. Becoming a bestseller is a lottery and worse, it depends on others helping or hindering you too. Still, whatever gets in your way, you have to keep going. You may think it’s never going to happen and feel all is lost – I did. There is hope if you fight on and change your mind.”

I wrote this poem for the following prompts:
Ragtag Daily Prompt — Change
Your Daily Word — Plunge

Changing Mindset

Chances are you need a change
Hang a left and take the plunge
A fresh start might feel strange
Negative past will expunge
Growing positivity fills the range
Engorge your courage and lunge

You control your fate
Others might try to control
Unbidden darkness they create
Reignite passion and reap your goal

Mindset is the golden key
Inspiration is your gas pedal
Now go forth and be free
Determination wins the gold medal

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!


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  1. I agree with the other commenters — this is inspirational. A reminder that determination is incredibly important. We’ll have ups and downs in our creative lives. It’s pushing forward, through the down times that’ll keep us going.

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