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Mental Divide

“Over the last few days, I’ve done a number of poems exploring my mentality again. I find it helps to visualize how I feel so I can fight back. Ready for this? Now I have a canyon in my brain!”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
Fandango’s One Word Challenge – Schism
Pensitivity’s three things Challenge — Slow – Pressure – Crease

Mental Divide

There’s a schism in my brain
Left side says I got this
The right says it’s all in vain
I’m always on a precipice

The schism is a mighty rift
A crease eroded by failing
Of dreams set adrift
Left fights while the right is bailing

A schism wide as a nation
Left chants courage and positivity
Right preaches dark resignation
What my brain needs is unity

My schism is under pressure
Left and right have gone to war
Slow progress buts it’s fresher
With cohesion hopes and dreams soar

Thanks for reading my friends.

There’s more in the Poetry CornerPoetry Nook, and the Short Story Collection

Have a great day!


15 thoughts on “Mental Divide

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    1. Hello, Miranda.
      Thank you. The last paragraph is because I feel i’m writing some really good things these days. I did one called Mitzi’s Miracle yesterday. I felt it was quite special.

      Nice to see you and thank you for reading.


      1. That’s very kind. Honestly though, I have no idea about poetic forms. I’ve seen some with complex syllable counts and lines and such. They give me a headache just looking at the rules. So there’s no skill or talent from me, just putting words on a page and hoping something acceptable comes out really.

        Liked by 1 person

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