A Merry Mishap

Don’t you just love the Holiday Season? All those lovely festive movies brimming with romance and magic. Those stories always make me so happy and full of love! ‘A Merry Mishap’ is my homage to the wonderful festive magic of the holiday season.

In ‘A Merry Mishap’, Logan Wyle’s lonely life is interrupted when he finds Sofia injured on his doorstep. She’s a pretty dancer and he’s a quiet recluse. Is a festive romance in-store, or is Logan destined to remain alone in life despite being the perfect gentleman?

Find ‘A Merry Mishap’ by Mason Bushell on Kindle and find out!!!


‘Logan and Sofia practically leap off the page! I became so invested in their story, I held my breath and bit my lip as I watched it unfold. Don’t pass this one up! It’s the best $0.99 you’ll ever spend!!!’

A sweet story for the holidays December 21, 2019

I loved this story. It’s so sweet, it’ll make your heart flutter. It moves at a nice pace, and the characters are charming. It’s the perfect story to read while you curl up in your favorite chair, drinking a nice cup of hot chocolate 💜

Charming Holiday Story December 21, 2019

This heartfelt story centers around two lovable characters and a very perceptive dog. It’s a gentle love story woven throughout the holiday season complete with wonderful descriptions of hectic shopping centers, meals prepared with love, a local pub, and, of course, fancy and cheerful Christmas decorations. Written with charm and a sensitive eye to human emotions, this is a holiday story for the ages. Highly recommended.


Sofia became serious. “Well, how bad is it? And don’t sugar coat it.”

“I’m sorry. Your leg is almost definitely broken, I’m afraid.” Logan looked about him while scratching his head. An ambulance would take thirty minutes too long to get here. 

“Damn it! And this close to Christmas, too.” Sofia let out a sob. “I love dancing, and I can’t do that like this. I can’t do anything at all now!” 

“Hey, it’ll be okay. You’ll be dancing like a ballerina again soon, I know it. Let’s get you out of the cold and wet and get you taken care of, hey?”  Logan gave her shoulder a comforting squeeze.

Don’t pass up this perfect, last-minute gift for the reader in your family or indeed yourself!

Have a wonderful Holiday season my friends.

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