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Positivity Shining

“Now the storm has passed and the light is returning, so too is our positivity. Not more so than because Marla of Marla’s World is issuing her Positivity Challenge. Marla asks ‘What is the most positive thing to happen to you during 2021?’

The most positive thing about 2021 for me is that I finally got to see how my special Sleuth, Holly’s Mysteries might look when published. Through all the darkness heaped upon my writing dreams, I published her short stories and her opening novella this year. While this was just a small step, it brought a lot of positivity in showing me that despite my cursed luck, I might just be able to achieve something.

Positivity came in new friends, new connections, and fresh hopes this year. I hope you all had some positivity this year too.”

Now for my second hit of positivity in a poem I wrote for the following prompts:

Ragtag Daily Prompt — Loss
Fandango’s One-Word Challenge – Spot
Your Daily Word — Phase
Pensitivity’s three things Challenge — Partake – Shudder – Cold

Positivity Shining

We all need positivity
The cool vibe and golden key
The energy of ascension
Keeping you in contention

Sometimes dreams seem dashed
Hope’s car cursed and crashed
Aspirations dissolve to dross
As darkness leaves you at a loss

It’s just a negative phase
A temporal spot of malaise
Partake in a breath of air
Soon all with be bright and fair

Negativity fades with a shudder
As you control life’s rudder
Then positivity rises from duress
And shines as you claim success

Thanks for reading my friends.

There’s more in the Poetry CornerPoetry Nook, and the Short Story Collection

Have a great day!


17 thoughts on “Positivity Shining

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      1. I know. That’s why it was awesome in this one. It’s something just a bit different that is, quite honestly, easy to overlook for the majority of readers. But as my writing has shown, I get the whole battle with the inner self more than most (hey, I even completed your dialogue challenge using it!) so when I saw it, I saw it. And it was a lovely change in your style for that story.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m pleased you saw and appreciated it. In Mitzi’s Miracle yesterday I switched between light and dark a bit just to try it sdome more.

        It is nice to try a few different styles isn’t it.


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