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Thoughts and Dreams

“You are your biggest obstacle – they say. When you own a mental demon like mine, there’s truth in that. However, those demons arise through constant failings. In our profession of writing, that means other people failed you. Writers can’t reach their dreams alone. That means other people put obstacles in your way and stopped you from succeeding too. While my mind full of darkness ruins all my chances now, those who wronged me know they ruined me in the first place. But they haven’t destroyed me yet.”

I wrote this poem in answer to the following prompts:
Ragtag Daily Prompt — Furnace
Fandango’s One-Word Challenge – Hollow
Your Daily Word — Pity
Pensitivity’s three things Challenge — Noisy– Loud – Annoying

Thoughts and Dreams

My thoughts can be so very loud
Detrimental and never proud
Dark vibes constantly annoying
Noisy doubts constricting and cloying

My future seems cold and hollow
Stuck in my head I sink and wallow
Success trapped behind a mighty wall
Obstacles placed to make me fall

I fight my demon with every ditty
Poetry expressed but not for pity
Each poem sets my furnace alight
Banishes darkness as I stand and fight

I used to be happy and free
Until they stood against me
Left my dreams as ashes and tatters
I’m still here and that matters

I might be the fated fool
A blunt and rusted old tool
But I won’t vanish into the night
I’ll raise my inky sword and write

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!


17 thoughts on “Thoughts and Dreams

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  1. I really like these lines: “But I won’t vanish into the night
    I’ll raise my inky sword and write”. Your poem powerfully expresses fighting the demons of doubt (both those within and without). You’re fighting a good fight.

    Liked by 2 people

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