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Detour to Love

“My apologies to all the Friday Fictioneers whose posts I missed last week. I promise to do better this time. Anyway, let’s find a story about this little street.”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompt:
Friday Fictioneers – Write a 100-word piece based on the Photo Prompt image above by © Roger Bultot

Detour to Love

He walked the narrow street daily.

To see her working within the red building made the detour worthwhile.

Today, he groaned. She wasn’t there.

“Hello, Admirer.”

He flinched, looked and his spine tingled.

She was evocatively hanging on the Victorian lamppost.

“Hey,” he managed.

She waved, “I know you walk here for me.”

“I … yes. Sorry —I spotted you when a road closure brought me this way. Guess I fell in love,”

She jumped down and approached. “Really?”

“Yup, sorry.”

Holding his lapels, she kissed him.

“Dinner?” he smiled.

She grinned, “Love to, but not the Chinese over there.”

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!


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