Dandelions and Magnolia

A little fantasy magic from 2019 for this week’s Fandango’s Flashback Friday

Dandelions and Magnolia

‘The healing magic of a dandelion spreads as its seeds parachute on the wind.’ Alex thought as he gazed across the meadow. Studded with the yellow flowers and fairy clocks of dandelions, it was a pretty sight. Following his heart, he wandered amid the blooms and butterflies. There she was, sat on her feet amid the flowers. Her shiny chestnut tresses had an eye-catching braid that set off her elfin white flowered dress and woolen bolero. Maggie joined Alex’s class a month ago. She’d caught his eye and caused his heart to skip a beat whenever she entered the room. The last few days her sparkly smile had vanished, she’d grown more sombre by the day. Now, he was determined to find out why – help her if he could.

Stopping respectfully behind her, he felt her energy and the sadness it held. She held a dandelion fairy clock in her trembling fingers. Worse by the tremor of her shoulders, she was silently crying.

“They say, if you can blow all the seeds off the clock in one go, you’re loved by a true and passionate soul,” Alex announced himself in a soft voice. “Why don’t you try?”

Maggie glanced over her shoulder revealing redness in her alluring chlorophyll-green eyes. She gave the smallest smile and shook her head. “Hey, Alex. It won’t do any good.” Her voice was sweet like a robin’s song, matching her angelic features.

“It makes me sad to see you upset. May I join you and take some of that burden?” Alex watched her wipe away some tears- would she let him in?

“Thank you.” Maggie patted the grass in front of her.

Alex sat cross-legged and put his hands on his knees. To his delight, she took them in hers. “I’ve seen the melancholy stealing your smile for a while.”

“You’re a honey, Alex. Thank you for caring.”

“Sure. Can you tell me why blowing on these fairy clocks won’t help?” Alex freed a hand, plucked a dandelion, and sent the delicate seeds billowing on his breath.

“I failed, that’s why.” Maggie’s eyes welled with tears.

“It’s okay, sweetheart. Whatever fails can always be retried.”

“No, you don’t understand.”

“Will you help me too?” Alex kissed her smooth hand. “Help me understand so we can restore your pretty smile.”

“I can’t tell you. You won’t believe me.” Maggie locked eyes with Alex. “I…”

Alex kept her gaze, nodded, and smiled. “It’s okay.”

“Can I trust you?” she asked.

“On my life, you can.”

Maggie stood revealing her bare feet. Taking his hand, she drew him to his feet and led him away from the buildings. “I can’t tell you. I have to show you.” She took him over the babbling stream, into the woods.

Alex had been in the woods, but never to the clearing they entered. “Where are we going, Maggie?” he said while enjoying the serene little meadow of dandelions and mushrooms.

“My name isn’t really Maggie, it’s Magnolia.” The young lady came to a stop amid a fairy circle of red-and-white spotted Fly Agaric toadstools.

“That’s a pretty name.” Alex watched Magnolia remove her bolero and toss it on the grass. “It’s nice here, the mush—” Alex froze.

Magnolia unzipped the back of her dress allowing her lacy wings to flow free.

“I er—”

Magnolia stopped him speaking with a finger upon his forehead and winked.

Alex felt warm and fuzzy. His stomach began to sink. No — he was sinking or rather shrinking. In seconds he was shorter than the mushrooms. A butterfly flapped by like a giant bird. Above him, dandelion clocks, like magical trees, glowed as if made of silver light.

“You see, I’m a fairy. I was given one month as a human to find my true love. I failed and…” Magnolia sniffed back her tears.  “So, I’ll remain alone for eternity.”

Alex was stunned, there were many fairies flitting about him. “Isn’t there someone here for you?”

“These are all my family. We must find love outside our circle. There isn’t another fairy circle anywhere close. I won’t get another chance to find my love.”  Magnolia took his hand and fluttered to a mushroom cap to sit.

“Thank you for sharing your secret with me. I think I can help.” Alex said.

“How? I mean you can’t do anything to change the elder’s minds.”

“No, but I can do this.” Alex reached and set her wings quivering as he gave her his love through a magical kiss.

The End.

Dandelion healing Positivity

Thanks for reading my friends.

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  1. Hi, Mason, good to see you! I loved this charming story. It was beautifully written, soft and gentle like the dandelion seedlings you mention. You’ve got the gift for this kind of writing, my friend. I thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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