Nature’s Wrath

“I see Earth collapsing more and more every day – why is it that all our governments do is talk about it?”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompt:
Friday Fictioneers – Write a 100-word piece based on the Photo Prompt image above by © Ted Strutz

Nature’s Wrath

The whole mountain vista once consisted of glaciers and snow

Climate change stole that and yet danger persisted.

Grimes hauled on ropes containing his bait pots. “Help me, lads!”

Three bearded men tensed their wiry muscles, hauling in a bounty of king crab.

A pot emerged from the icy depths.

Grimes hooked on and screamed as a monstrous tentacle, dragged him overboard.

Hauled beneath the churning waves, he sunk to the icy depths.

There a large eye studied him.

He heard a voice emanating from the giant squid before he was crushed.

“You had your chance, now we save Earth!”

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

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  1. A potent story, sadly humanity is diddering along, not enough governments and individuals are taking action. As for the warfare/fighting cascading across the globe, I do fear for humanities future

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    1. Hello, Dee.
      Sadly so, there is much that can be done and yet all they do is talk, talk, and deny because they don’t want to make the tough decisions and spend money to save our poor planet. Disgusting really.
      Thanks for reading!

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  2. Now that’s perfect. You’ve said so much in such a short span Mason. Brilliant. PS – you need to let the squid know it’s roll sooner rather than later

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      1. Did you ever hear Dee Snyder’s stripped down “We’re Not Gonna Take It”? Omg. Tears, every time. And a while back he appeared before Congress when parents started flipping out that lyrics weren’t for their kids. He was eloquent and he throttled their arguments. In the end they got the explicit sticker rather than banning of their music, which made the parents feel better, but sales on all albums with it skyrocketed lol

        In case you haven’t:

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      2. He makes a cameo. He kisses the woman’s head at the end. I could name so many good versions of songs like that. Aerosmith did one with their own song for the victims of the Baltimore bombing. Oh man. I can’t remember the title. It’ll come to me once I fill in more than the two words in my head right now. DREAM ON! Ha! I knew id get it. Now to find a video…

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      3. They can’t. Every artist wants money to go to something different. If they put them all together, every charity on Earth would only get like 1/1,000,000 of a penny LOL
        The way they do it now makes sense. If you buy this song, the proceeds go to this charity. Simple.

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      4. Precisely. And the songs I could refer you to! Sheesh there are some amazing ones out there. I know all sorts of covers – whether it’s the original band covering their own music (like I already showed you), other performers covering classics. I sometimes love the covers better than the originals!

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      5. A bit like ‘Disturbed – sound of Silence’ that was an epic cover.

        I admit my music knowledge is quite small. I’ve never been so big in listening to the radio. I never bought a CD either. But there are some tunes I always go too. I love musicals and power ballads, soft rock too.


      6. It’s funny you mention that. It’s been on constant reply for me for the last two weeks. I LOVE THAT COVER!

        Soft Rock/Power Ballad together could be Adele. I may be off on that one. But she has a song called “Rolling in the Deep.” Arguably her most popular song, ever. There’s a man named Chester Bennington, the late lead singer from Linkin Park. He covers it. Live. BEAUTIFULLY. He sings it with a bit of grand piano in the background and the audience helping him keep time by clapping and singing the chorus with him. What’s amazing is that it’s just SO beautiful. If you really listen, he’s trying to hit notes that are more like her than his normal style of singing. But he rarely puts stress on his voice, he knows what he’s doing. There is a note where he looks like his neck will explode, but that seems to be less because he’s stressing his voice and more because he’s holding a note that should not be humanely possible.

        And he truly makes it his own.

        You really should give a listen to Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt”,originally a nine inch nails song. That’s just two off the top of my head with no research because they just popped into my head based on this comment. Give them a listen, tell me what you think.

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      7. I thought so too. The Johnny Cash one was the best cover because it’s a different song entirely from the original. Same tune, but simple and stripped down. Same words except he changed “crown of shit” to “crown of thorns”, but he emphasized different words in the way he pronounced them only. The voice tune is the same except it’s cash’s voice instead. Somehow, it went from a song about addiction and how people dying from it or healing from it were abandoning the singer to a reflection on life and death and age. It’s truly amazing.

        There are so many great covers.

        You said you like musicals. Do you mean as in Show-tunes? This one everyone knows, but “Memories” from Cats (which I actually hate), was done by Barbara Streisand. Perfection.

        Cash also covered Soundgarden’s “Rusty Cage”. I don’t really like either version, but I like his better. It sounds like the man in black, plus almost everyone that played the song with him has since passed so it truly is like a time-capsule of talent. The issue I have with the cash version is I don’t think the lyrics are really great. They’re not horrible, they just kind of scream 90’s grunge to me. So they’re not my taste.

        However Bowie’s “Man Who Sold the World” was redone by Nirvana. I LOVE that version. I actually love Bowie and have no particular interest in Nirvana as a whole, but they covered it on their Unplugged album, stripped it down and it’s amazing. They kept true to the original song, but there was a lot less random noises. Contains vocals were clear and not distorted, there was no noise makers in the back. Just a man with a guitar and David Grohl thinking the drums. It’s truly worth a listen.

        Of course, “All Along the Watchtower” by Jimi Hendrix was a cover of Bob Dylan. I prefer dylan, but I do enjoy Hendrix. So did Dylan. He said Hendrix got the sound that he wanted but couldn’t make. He performs it in that style now.

        “Because the Night”. Original was Bruce Springsteen and the remake was Patti Smith. I saw them both perform it live. I actually love them both equally but for completely different reasons.

        There is also Manfred Mann who covered Springsteen’s “Blinded by the Light” This one is the most unique of all of them. This is one of those covers that have sides, akin to Beatles or Stones. I am the odd ball who ends up hearing a lecture every time I answer “I actually like both”. So Springsteen is perfect. It’s his song and he’s true to form in it ans it’s breathtaking. MM took it and turned it into some sort of synth-pop thing and they mispronounced half the song. Normally this would drive me absolutely insane. Everything about me makes it completely and totally obvious that I would truly hate the Manfred Mann version. The way they messed with the music, synthesized the whole thing ruining the beauty of the actual instruments of the original, messing up the lyrics by accident in such a mangled way that what is a type of car in Springsteen’s version sounds like a hygiene product for women in their version. I should hate it, and as my father likes to say “should be taken out and hung for the cold blooded murder of good music” (a play on my fair lady). But I like it and can’t explain why. I just do. It’s worth a listen just to see how much you hate it lol

        Donovan covered Buffy Saint Marie’s “Universal Soldier”. It would almost be good if he didn’t mangle the name or a concentration camp. But in that instance, she was folksy and so was he, so other than the irritating mispronunciation, the arrangement is slightly different but it’s mostly boy voice v girl voice. Since all the folk women had the warbally voice back then, I prefer his voice and his arrangement but I can’t hear that line without cringing so hard my bones hurt.

        Ok that’s about 300 lol I could keep going. My brain is totally into music right now, but you can try to give a listen and see what I mean in at least a few, and maybe you’ll like them.

        I def recommend a comparison listen on Man Who Sold the World though. Most people already know Bowie’s version, so up to first verse gives you an idea before flipping over. But I suggest whole song for both. They are both great for enjoyment.

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      8. I love music. And it depends on the game show, honestly. Finish that lyric I’m great at as long as it’s a song I’ve heard before. Name that tune in 5 seconds or less, same thing. Better at name that tune though. I can hear it just once or twice and forever recognize it. I’m not great at song titles though or really band names. So I am limited. I’m also just a teensy bit completely tone deaf lol I’d end up going home owing the game show money and prizes lol

        I’m really good at name that tune as long as it was not “sampled” by another song I know. See, in many cases, to avoid a lawsuit, they will simply change the key, or add a single note. For me, I can’t recognize the key change, and I don’t read music so the extra note doesn’t matter to me. However, certain songs create certain feelings for me, and I can generally tell them apart that way.

        A good example is Queen’s “Under Pressure”. Vanilla Ice practically stole it for his song “Ice Ice Baby”. He supposedly added a note or something but it’s effectively the exact same thing. Most people don’t even notice that there is a different in the drum beats because it’s very subtle but there. It’s not really drums I don’t think, more cymbals. You know that weird metal brush thing they tap the cymbals with… in ice ice baby it’s more consistent than in “under pressure”. But because it’s such a subtle sound, most people barely notice. I never did until it was pointed out to me. All I knew was that as soon as the song started playing i would want to get up and do the running man to ice ice baby and I would start wanting to sing for Queen. My brain doesn’t even connect either song yet – it’s literally within the first half second of both. My reaction is different on a visceral level to two songs that are so remarkably similar in a matter of a note. But it’s there and that’s how I know. I can’t hear if the instruments are completely different, or if there’s a key change or an extra note. It’s the feeling I get.

        That’s why, to this day, one of my favorite songs is Karma Chameleon by culture club. There’s something about that stupid song that started the first time I heard it. I was only 1 when it was released. I heard it and by all reports i went completely insane. I started laughing, screaming and wiggling and dancing. To this day, I can’t hear a single note from that song where my reaction isn’t exactly the same and I have no control over it. My brain short circuits.

        Another one I can’t control at all, no matter how hard I try is the song “Jump” by Van Halen. I actually remember the first time I heard it. I was about 3. It came on the radio at a restaurant. I was eating and nothing interrupts my food time. Ever. Even back then. It came on and I just stopped eating and I remember jumping all over the place. My mom said they had to actually take my plate away from me because I almost knocked it over. No matter what they did, I just never stopped jumping in my chair. I physically couldn’t control it. An di remember it clearly. Not all the details like the plate, but that feeling I had at three years old. I remember it. Apparently when the song ended I was confused. I didn’t realize I was jumping around and didn’t know why they took my food. My mom told my ex this. I didn’t know she told him. I hadn’t thought about the song in forever because I haven’t heard it in forever. We were at a wedding and I was talking to someone. He went to the DJ and requested it. I don’t even know why the dj had it honestly. But she did. She played it. Less than one note in my head was tossed back and I was jumping like I was in the middle of a spazz attack lol I wasn’t three years old anymore and I got out of breath half way through. I physically couldn’t stop jumping despite my body screaming for oxygen. I just kept going. The song ended and I literally fell Into the nearest chair. He told me what happened. I honestly didn’t remember. I remember talking to the person and then dying in a chair. I vaguely remember jumping and I remember pure joy and excitement but the specifics I don’t remember. He told me. I remember the feelings it evokes. Music is very powerful for me.

        I’ve since listened to jump on my own. I tried to fight the urge to jump because it wasn’t taking me by surprise. I failed. Miserably. At one point I was trying to jump rope for exercise. I would last about 15 seconds and decide that pizza and couch sounded better. Ex burned jump onto a disk for me about 10 times in a row so I wouldn’t have to push repeat or anything. I ended up getting to the point I could jump rope the whole album without dying. No matter how much I hear it, I STILL can’t stay still. I HAVE to jump. I don’t know why. It also doesn’t matter. I love the song and that’s that lol

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      9. I would do okay with most areas of a quiz show but I would fail music.

        Isn’t it incredible how a song can grab you and make you do things like jumping and dancing. How they trigger memories and latent thoughts. Music really is magic.


      10. In many ways it is. It can heal faster than most other things. My theory is that’s why musicians get so many girls. It’s not about the guy, it’s about the music and how it speaks to you. But I dunno. I never chases musicians lol

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      11. Hell, it don’t have to be love. If the music evokes a feeling of wanting to suddenly throw your panties at something, the same crowbar and WD40 is needed.

        Honestly, Elvis’ hips being banned on TV wasn’t because he was singing about love… he was, but it wasn’t the lyrics that were making the broadcasters say “take a hunk a hunk a hike” lmao

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