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Lightning Lake

“Lightning is a powerful force of nature, but is it good for romance?”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
FOWC with Fandango — Bashful
Pensitivity’s Three Things Challenge — Slow – Camera – Shy
Your Daily Word — Malleate
Ragtag Daily Prompt — Spangle
Word of the Day Challenge — Sensation

Lightning Lake

“Davy, look. Those are herons, aren’t they?” Helena asked from her position, lying on the deck of ‘The Grebe’ a little riverboat.

“Yes, those are grey herons. The male is the darker one with the longer aigrets – that’s the black quiff.” Davy lifted his camera to his eye. He smiled as he framed the long-legged bird into a shot with Helena.

“Hey! Don’t film me,” she squealed with a bashful expression as she tried to cover her scantily clad body. She had chosen to wear an indigo two-piece bikini with a spangle of glittery patterns.

“But, I was trying to get you beautiful birds in one shot,” Davy grinned. her shy, demure nature was one of the things he loved about her.

“No, please don’t,” she begged having gone red in the face.

Davy clicked off a couple of shots then crouched to show her his camera screen, “Look, I only took pictures of the herons.”

“Thank you, sweetheart,” Helena pulled him down beside her on the blanket and kissed him. “I’m loving that you hired the boat. It’s so serene and calm out here on the water.”

“Hmm, it sure is.” Davy played his fingers in slow circles over her shapely, bare abdomen, drawing cute giggles. “The best is being out here with you.”

Sighing, she nestled against him. “Can we stay here and see the sunset and stars?”

“We certainly can. I …” Davy felt the smallest breeze brush against his skin. He gazed across the waters of the lake. A distant yet ominous cloud loomed above the trees away to the west.

“What is it?” Helena eased onto her elbows to look at him. It was enough for the growing breeze to flutter her golden-blonde hair about her shoulders.

He gave her a quick kiss and pointed, “Looks like a squall coming in.”

“Is it dangerous?”

“It is a small storm. I’ll bring us back to the dock and anchor there for a while —just to be safe.” Davy patted her abdomen and rose to his feet.

Walking along the chrome gunwale of the pleasure cruiser, he ducked into the cabin. By then the lake had taken on a noticeable chop. The cruiser’s bumper floats began to slap against the hull as if trying to maleate the fibreglass.

Pressing the button to raise the anchor, he gazed through the windscreen at the darkening clouds. They’d taken on an almost brownish hue and seem to boil as they encroached on the far end of the lake.

“Helena, come in here!” he called as he engaged the diesel propeller engine and set it putting across the lake.

Helena emerged from the prow. Already the wind was whipping her hair about as she padded down to the cabin. “Is everything okay?” she asked full of concern.

Davy squeezed her hand for a moment, “We’re not gonna make it back to the —”

A fork of lightning turned the angry skies silver as it crackled across the lake. The deep burr of thunder that followed seemed to shake the lake beneath the boat.

Helena squealed and cowered away from the window.

“— dock!”

“Then, what do we do?” she asked having cuddled against him.

Davy placed his forehead against hers, “Hold on and trust me.”

“Okay,” she replied in a shaky voice. “I knew we should have gone for a walk in the park.”

He could feel her trembling against him as he increased the boat’s speed and angled for the nearest shore.

Heavy raindrops hammered against the fibreglass boat. The wind began to drive larger and larger waves across the lake as the storm raged above.

By then the lightning was strobing faster than Davy had ever seen it before. The thunder rolled almost continuously like an awful rock band with their amplifiers wound to the loudest.

“Davy!” Helena gasped as a wave crashed over the deck and spilt into the cabin.

“Oh, Shit!” he managed while fighting to turn the boat away from another wave.

This one crashed straight into the cabin wall. The windows cracked and water began pouring in.

“Damn it, I can’t see a thing naaaahhh!” Davy cried as the water parted and revealed trees through the crazed window.

The Grebe slammed into the mud bank and pitched into the air.

Helena screamed as she and Davy were sent flying across the cabin. Something struck him above the ear. Pain flared as an almighty glass shattering bang filled the cabin. Davy hit the ceiling and crumpled to darkness.

The hull obliterated a hawthorn and buckled around the trunk of an Elm tree in an explosion of fibreglass, wood and chrome railings.

Still, the storm raged overhead, lightning and thunder doing battle like the gods of ancient Greece.

The Grebe tumbled onto its roof with a wet smack and fell still.

Cloying darkness gave way to the horrendous feeling of cold and wetness. Davy forced his eyes open.

Lightning flashed over a picture of devastation which used to be the once clean cabin.

He was lying in a pool of stinking mud and water. “Ahh, bloody hell!” he groaned as he rolled onto his side.

With the taste of metal assaulting his mouth, Davy had a feel about his battered body. He revealed a gash above his ear which was bleeding onto his face. “Helena, where are you?”

A thunderous crackle answered his call. The storm was still here and it was still mad.

“Helena!” Davy yelled as he staggered to his feet on the ceiling. The bash to his head left him dizzy and nauseated. He tried to blink his vision back the clarity, but the blurry daze remained.

With every flash of lightning, he gazed about the cabin. There was a lot of glass, branches, clothing and food floating about but no Helena. She’d been holding him when The Grebe crashed ashore. So, where had she gone?

Davy turned his attention to the windscreen. It had become a gaping hole in the front of the cabin. “Oh, no!” He gasped as his chest tightened and the breath caught in his lungs. “No!”  

Climbing out of the hole, Davy felt tears splash against his cheeks. The splintered hawthorn tore at his clothes and skin. A cry of anguish escaped his lips as he wrenched free and plunged into the deluge of rain.

“Helena!” he yelled as he failed to see her anywhere. He stumbled to the water’s edge, almost blinded by the monsoon.

The storm spat forks of lightning upon the raging water. Every scintillating spark turned the air blue and silver as the dark clouds boiled above.

“Why did you take her from me?” Davy screamed as he waded into the water.

Waves pounded and repeatedly dragged him beneath the water.

Davy forced his head to the surface and scanned the waves, “Helen …” A wall of water slapped his face; forcing its way into his mouth and nose.

His world turned blue and grey as he plunged into the depths. Water flooded his lungs and everything turned purple. He cried mouthfuls of bubbles as his body went into spasm and succumbed to the darkness of drowning.


“Davy! Please, wake up for me!”

“For goodness’ sake, Davy!”


A sliver of light grew brighter and brighter. It brought with it the sensation of something pounding against his chest. Then burning in his lungs and welling nausea.

Davy vomited water all over himself as somebody pulled him onto his side.

“Davy, what the hell were you thinking?”

“Helena?” he croaked

“I’m here, sweetheart. Why did you drown yourself?” she said having wrapped her glass-savaged arms around him.

“I — I was looking for you. I thought you were dead,” he said as his tears threatened to drown him again.

“You, nearly were, you silly, man.” Helena kissed him. “Did you know there’s another little pond back there?”


“When we hit the tree, I flew out of the boat and landed right in it. I think I upset a dozen frogs!” she explained with a bashful smile. “I came back just in time to see you vanished beneath the waves in the lake. Never, do that to me again, okay?”

“I promise.” Davy took a deep breath and lay back with her. “Next time we propose a day out. We’ll go with your plan. A picnic will always be safer!”

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

There’s more in the Poetry CornerPoetry Nook, and the Short Story Collection

Have a great day!


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