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Insomnia Strikes

“I haven’t been to sleep this November. If I vanish that’ll be why.”

I wrote this poem in answer to the following prompts:
Pensitivity’s Three Things Challenge — Trick– Treat – Broom
Your Daily Word — Repress
Ragtag Daily Prompt — Under The Weather

Insomnia Strikes

I’m under the weather
Insomnia has me on a tether
I wish my sleep would behave
It’ll take me to the grave

I repress the thoughts that devilled
Yet I wake up tired and disheveled
I have the frontage of an old man
An oath to sleep if I can

The insomnia won’t let me rest
My creativity has been dispossessed
My days are a dizzy fog
It’s ruining me and my blog

I’ll sleep again one day
I have no dreams to carry me away
I will doze to insomnia’s chagrin
My demon will not win

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!


29 thoughts on “Insomnia Strikes

Add yours

      1. Yeah, that wrecks a perfectly good nights sleep I bet.
        I think I have points where my body doesn’t make the chemicals needed for sleeping. I’ll have sometimes a couple weeks where not even a sleeping tablet will get me to sleep. Then out of nowhere I sleep fine for a while.

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      1. Sorry to see you have probems too.
        I have two issues one is mind gets super overactive at night. It creates alternate realities and locks me in. I’m not asleep just stuck and so get up exhausted every day. The second is I seem to have a chemical issue that switches on like now. When it does nothing I do will make me sleep. Even off the shelf sleep remedies do nothing.

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    1. It’s a bloody nightmare isn’t it. I find a lavender and chamomile pillow spray gets brain to be quiet. I don’t know what makes it sleep yet though. Sometimes a little hot milk, or porridge helps though. Other times a handful of brazil nuts works. We have to keep trying different things until sleep happens I think.


      1. I am sensitive to smells so lavender is out; tried melatonin (straight and mixed with other “sleepies,”) but didn’t really do anything. Sometimes, doing creative visualization will help me drift off.

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      2. The sleep sprays are not really strong. It’s not like breathing direct from a lavender plant so it might be okay.

        It does work to focus on answering a question about something with the longest answer you can come up with. Or creating a scene in your head doesn’t it/


  1. I’m sorry to hear you are suffering from insomnia. That’s no fun. Actually i want to tell you something about insomnia…. diet plays an important role … good dietary habits can help you to get good sleep… i had diet plan people who had insomnia .. that might be helpful for your good health and sleep… please visit mine site… help me to grow .. and visit my site and read my post .. you definitely get ideas about diet role in disease condition … your small help make me grow … thank you

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