Tomorrow Without Me

“Something a little dark and haunting today and don’t worry I’m not going to murder myself later.”

I wrote this poem in answer to the following prompts:
FOWC with Fandango — Assist
Ragtag Daily Prompt — Conference

Tomorrow Without Me

If tomorrow starts without me
My soul must have broken free
I don’t know if I’ll be missed
I’d have failed my bucket list

I know the world won’t stop
They won’t close the shop
I wonder if anyone will shed a tear
Or celebrate my literary career

If tomorrow starts without me
Start a conference of peace and tranquillity
My soul is torn and sore
Worsened by needless death and war

Please stop the jealousy and greed
Release hate and assist those in need
Don’t you see Earth dying
Hug it by at least trying

If tomorrow starts without me
Please save Earth and the creatures you see
Stop cutting down trees
Help the glaciers refreeze

You see the world doesn’t need me
It needs fish in the sea
It needs oxygen in its atmosphere
Forget me, give the world your prayer

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!

21 thoughts on “Tomorrow Without Me

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  1. The tone of self sacrificing works well, though I’d rather the speaker decided that the world wouldn’t survive without them. A bit more empowering

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    1. Thank you, Pam.

      The tone is real in this. I’ve always felt myself pretty worthless and would sacrifice me without a thought. The only important thing is I’m not going anywhere yet unless one of the idiots in the tractors decides to dump his trailer of hay on my head anyway!

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  2. Well, having experienced some days without you, I must tell you that I absolutely look forward to seeing what you write every day. I love your thrilling adventures, your satisfyingly lovely endings, and the breadth and depth of your subject matter is simply stunning.

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  3. Mason, you hit some “universal” points about our relative unimportance, and how other priorities really need attention. I was especially moved by the opening stanzas and how you then move on to your wishes for action. Very nice piece.

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